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If you are a health conscious eater, you’ve probably heard of and purchased organic vegetables from the brand earthbound farm before. Recently, a food company called whitewave acquired earthbound farm. Whitewave is the creator of silk soymilk, amongst other organic dairy products.  This makes me a bit skeptical about the product quality of these vegetables and produce moving forward personally because whitewave was caught lying at  one point, saying they weren’t using GMO soy, when in actuality, they were.  Now their products are non-gmo project verified but still, how do you trust their decision making? it’s hard to say.

Shopping for produce at your local farmers market is always one of the best options overall because you are supporting local farmers and can build a relationship with them to really understand how your produce is grown, where it’s grown, what farming techniques are used, is it organic? biodynamic? permaculture? etc etc… A lot of questions can be answered.  Not to mention that the cost of produce from a farmers market is quite a bit cheaper than at a grocery store.

If you still do buy earthbound farm mixed lettuce greens though, this video will give you a few tips on how to keep these greens lasting longer since they seem to go bad quite quickly.  I hope that it helps! here it is:

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– David Benjamin

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