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The allophatic world of medicine always has answers even if those answers don’t necessarily have the greatest positive impact. When it comes to the treatment of cancer, in the world of allophatic medicine there are only a few choices. You can get radiation, chemotherapy or have it surgically removed. That’s about the extent of what you would be offered if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

What if there were another way? A less invasive way. A way that heals and nourishes your body instead of causing cancer patients to be in constant pain and feel ashamed as their hair falls out and they begin to shrivel up. It’s a difficult process. It’s difficult to get diagnosed with cancer alone, let alone go through a treatment that tears your body apart.

If you begin to search for alternative methods for treating cancer you will come across quite a variety of interesting approaches. People such as┬áDr Burzynski who has discovered a completely new and more effective way to treat cancer that barely ANYONE is talking about. He’s one of the guests in the exciting upcoming event you’ll hear about soon though. The list goes on and on. Dr. Gerson and the Gerson therapy for the treatment of cancer. Treating fungal infections in the body to slow the progress of cancer is yet another approach.

There’s the raw food approach, the herbal approach, the mental and emotional aspect of treating disease (any disease, not just cancer) and so much more. Thankfully there is a free event hosted by the company The Truth About Cancer taking place in less than a week in Orlando Florida. The event hosts 40 of the top doctors and scientists from all over the world to speak on the latest and most effective ways to not only treat cancer holistically but how to prevent it in the first place. The event is free to signup for as it’s being streamed online. You can signup here.

The speakers at this event include:

1. Mike Adams
2. Dr. Rashid Buttar
3. Dr. Joseph Mercola
4. Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski, MD, PhD
5. Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS
6. Ocean Robbins
7. Chris Wark
8. Jeffrey Smith
9. Dr. Toni Bark MD
10. Barbara Loe Fisher
11. Dr. Ben Jonhson
12. Del Bigtree
13. Dr. Larry Palevsky, MD
14. Erin Elizabeth
15. Dr. Eric Zielinski, DC
16. Dr. Edward Group
17. Dr. David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS
18. Dr. Frank King, ND, DC

This is just a sample of the speakers. There are over 20 more speakers who are also scientists and doctors that you will learn a wealth of information from when it comes to preventing and treating cancer holistically. Join us for this event by registering free here. Please share this with your loved ones and on social media to spread the word! There is no one else in the world that puts together such an in depth, detailed conference on the topic of treating cancer with holistic medicine, so it is our job to help spread the word!

Sign up to watch it free by clicking here: