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Humanity is in a state of crisis it seems. A war is here, a war is there, a new act of violence seems to spread quicker than ever before. Even those of us who try to opt-out from the negativity still get bombarded with it on a daily basis. Our planet and humanity has a lot of progress to make that we cannot do alone, we need to co-create the change together and by doing so we allow for a higher level of awareness, understanding and personal growth which leads to happiness, health and fulfillment that comes with it.

When I say “We” can do better what I really mean is you can do better. You being me, and you being you. You are the decision maker in your life and if you are feeling stuck, confused, not inspired and not happy you can change those things. It takes guts though, it takes balls (if you’re a man) and it takes a degree of craziness to take risks that may forever alter your past life.

One of the biggest shifts that occurred in my life was going from a state of taking and desiring more to living in a state of abundance and giving. I have learned to give a lot more over this past year and my life has been fulfilling and rewarded because of that. I feel that 5 shifts must occur in the human heart on planet earth for all of humanity to develop as a species. These 5 changes are shifts that occur in the heart and radiate out to illuminate your local community and world at large. If you can even make progress in one of these areas you’ll see tremendous progress, joy and fulfillment in your life, if you can make progress in a few of these you’ll begin to live life in such a rich way that it will almost seem unreal, too good to be true.

Humanity Needs These 5 Things Now More Than Ever

  1. Forgiveness:

    Choosing to forgive someone that has hurt you (including yourself) is one of the toughest lessons life continuously puts in front of us. It’s a lesson we must learn. When we hold unsettled unforgiveness that turns to bitterness and anger. We then start to harm people in our lives, even those very close to us simply because that trauma is still effecting us.  The inability forgive seems to be the main root that stems into a bitter, angry person. If you want to be free of anger and feeling aggravated you need to do some serious personal work and forgive those that have hurt or harmed you. You also need to forgive yourself because sometimes we have a harder time forgiving ourselves for what we’ve done and hold ourselves hostage and accountable for years. It can be let go and should be! Buddha said “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

  2. Healing:

    Physically, mentally, spiritually and sexually: When forgiveness occurs and choosing to live in love occurs you can heal every part of your mind, body and spirit that has been damaged, hurt, used or abused by others or yourself. The state of healing should be a constant and never ending process. There is nothing weak about self-discovery and being vulnerable. Being vulnerable in the emotional sense when it comes to healing simply means that you are opening up and creating space for your healing. If you feel like you need more space and privacy all the time it could be an indicator that you need more healing in any depth of your being, and once you do heal you’ll enjoy the company of others again.

  3. Unconditional Love:

    Love is the only universal language that all of us speak. Our body language speaks love or fear based on how we stand. Our face speaks love or fear based on it’s expression. Our heart expresses love to be felt, transmitted and received. The heart is actually an extremely powerful organ that you have the ability to influences others with, depending on how you use it. The Institute of HeartMath in California found that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body. In other words, this organ can and does influences hearts and brains around you either creating more coherence or non-coherence. This means that by living in love and having an open heart chakra you literally influence those around you (feet to up to a few miles) and alter their heart and brainwaves. Living in love is a process that takes time to learn, forgiveness must come first, full healing allows the heart chakra to open. When I was 19 or 20 years old I had a heart chakra opening experience, it was miraculous. I slept with an orgone pyramid under my bed (as instructed by orgone pyramid users) and about a week into having this under my bed I was in that half awake half asleep state and my heart space felt really warm and it felt like it was rearranging in my chest. To this day it was one of the most esoteric experiences i’ve ever had. That experience i believed helped me open my heart to living in love and service again! With pure love comes a mindset of gratitude. Love is an appreciative state, so gratitude is a rich by-product of choosing to live in love and to receive more blessings in your life in exchange for putting an attitude of gratitude out.

  4. Environmental Awareness:

    One of the traits of the Native American culture that I really love is their respect for mother earth, Gaia. They respected life, trees, plants, animals, water, every aspect of nature and earth. Our natural world is what we come from but we have become highly domesticated and utterly confused beings. A Cree Indian proverb say’s “Only when the last tree has died, and the last river has been poisoned, and the last fish been caught we will realize we cannot eat money.” How true is that? Our world has become so consumer driven. It’s driven by money and product creation, then to consume what you create or what your neighbor creates. We have more toys and plastic crap than ever before and it’s harming our water and environment. When will the insanity end? We can be happy and feel great without a house full of junk. We can be more useful and efficient with what we use and that will make our lives simpler, the environment cleaner and our lives happier.

  5. A Serving Attitude:

    After your personal healing occurs through forgiveness, release and living in your heart space (instead of your head space) you can begin to invest into yourself. Your life shifts from “What can I get?” to “What can I give?” and that serves you tremendously. Because of this your personal power and miraculous like midas touch hands begin to create a world of purpose and meaning at your very fingertips. Your purpose grows by the day and you can serve and give on a bigger and bigger level. Your life becomes more fulfilling and is filled with more moments of joy, appreciation and love for humanity and the planet around you. At this point you realize that all wars are fruitless because love conquers all. You realize that fighting and resisting the old doesn’t do much good either so you just focus on what’s better, what’s more evolved. You become the master, the true chief of your own life. This space of living in and being a giver from the heart can only come when you’ve healed, forgiven and chosen to love unconditionally. To transition from thinking with and operating from your headspace (which can easily be a trap for your ego, leading to greed) and choosing to shift into your heart, a larger and higher electro-magnetic frequency organ that can give and serve much more effectively already!

So what will you do? where are you at? have you taken the first step to forgive? have you continued down that healing journey, that path of deep personal inner work? Have you chosen to live in unconditional love yet? your heart space? Have you begun to see the world and environment differently? recognizing it’s value and appreciating it’s purpose? Are you giving? are you giving a little or a lot? is your giving limited because of the capacity of your condition of someone who has still not forgiven and healed? The more work you do on yourself the more you can inject into the world.