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In order to stop heartburn naturally without any drugs or dangerous side-effect laden traditional medical approaches we must first understand what causes heartburn in the first place. Heartburn is caused by the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) not properly contracting. Think of the lower esophageal sphincter as a valve that connects the stomach to the esophagus. When this doesn’t contract, it’s open, so stomach acids can travel from the stomach upwards into the esophagus causing heartburn. Simple right?

I recommend first and foremost eating a diet rich in minerals and alkalizing nutrients. Minerals help the nervous system and muscles contract. You have some sort of mineral deficiency that is causing the LES to not contract properly. This may be a potassium or magnesium deficiency potentially, maybe a combination of both. Whatever it may be you will want to eat more green leafy vegetables to make up for this deficiency.

My first recommendation would be to eat bananas! Bananas contain an antacid compound that helps aid in removing heartburn and they are also rich in potassium which can help the LES contract properly. Apple Cider vinegar is also a great remedy to help the digestive system detox downward (instead of upward) properly so that your body will remove the acids and digest them properly. Be sure to mix apple cider vinegar with water to properly dilute the acids to not add to your problem.

Also, I recommend using mineral rich salts in your diet as opposed to regular salts. Mineral rich salts such as himalayan salt are great because it contains 84 minerals. These will contain minerals that will help alkalize the body as well as help muscle contraction which should help the LES contract better.

Watch the video to understand what you can do here:

Remember to drink more water as well.  The body will begin to alkalize and the proper contraction of the LES will occur when the body has enough minerals and hydration to do so.  Eat plenty of green vegetables, use apple cider vinegar, eat bananas and make sure to avoid foods that are acid forming in the body such as soda, artificial sweeteners, sugars etc.

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To your health!

– David Benjamin