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In my last youtube video I discussed water fasting and how it can completely rebuild your immune system in 72 hours and the research that USC has backing this. I got a lot of questions from people wondering how to start water fasting, what should be done? how do you start and end the water fast? is water fasting safe? all these questions and more piled up on the video and I wanted to make sure you are equipped with what you need to water fast safely from beginning to end.

In today’s video I discuss just that, how to start a water fast, how to end a water fast and what you should be doing (or, not doing) while water fasting for the most ideal results possible.

Water fasting can be a very helpful and beneficial tool for health, healing and recovery if used properly so please follow the guidelines in this video if you decide to water fast for the best and safest results.

Here’s the video:

Just to reiterate, the guidelines are simple.

1: Use Pinches Of Pink Himalayan Salt While Fasting To Ensure You Have Minerals & Trace Minerals

2. Start By Fasting For 24-Hours, Feel Comfortable With It, Then Go 2 or 3 Days.

3. Take It Easy! Don’t Be Physically Or Mentally Stressed While Water Fasting, Your Body Needs To Rest & Exert As Little Energy As Possible.

4. Get Sunshine! The Sunshine Will Give You Strength And Energy As Well As Optimize Hormones For Sleep, Energy & Recovery

5. If Water Fasting For Extended Periods Of Time, Be Supervised By Professionals! This Ensures Your Safety Of Health That You Aren’t Damaging Yourself. People Have Died Because They’ve Decided To Water Fast Longer Than Their Body Can Handle.

6. End Your Water Fast By Starting With An Organic Green Juice Then Organic Green Smoothie When You Start Eating Again, This Gives Your Body Light Food & Light Nutrition To Reactivate Again.

I hope these beginning to end guidelines help make your water fasting experience smoother and easier to benefit from!

Enjoy your day, remember to live Healthy Wild And Free!