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Did you know that when you take a shower your body absorbs a full glass of water or more? When you take a shower the hot water expands your pores and the body will then absorb water throughout the whole shower. Not only that but you are breathing in the steam from the shower water which means you could be breathing in the following:

* Lead
* Heavy Metals
* Fluoride
* Chlorine
* Pollutants
* Toxins
* Chemicals
* Traces of Pharmaceutical drugs
* More

This is why I believe it’s important to purify your shower water, to filter the pollutants, toxins and chemicals out of the water so that your body doesn’t absorb it. I noticed that when I first started using a shower filter that my skin and hair were softer after getting out of the shower. I also noticed that the water smelled differently from using the shower filter.

Here’s a video that explains why I recommend filtering your shower water and what the benefits are:

You can get this shower filter by clicking here.

Hopefully this improves your health and wellbeing and you and your family notice a difference from this shower filter and feel better after showers because of it.

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– David Benjamin

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