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Use this information to hydrate and oxygenate your cells today! You can get Chia Seeds here.

Recently I started soaking chia seeds overnight before the day of my workout and I had a really amazing amount of endurance and energy during my last workout that I wanted to share with you.  I used Chia Seeds, along with some herbs and a superfruit berry from the amazon rainforest that I will be talking about later, but for now I want to keep this video and article focused on how to oxygenate and hydrate your cells.

Two of the most beneficial qualities that your cells should have is to have, be and stay hydrated and oxygenated. If the cells are hydrated they can easily flow, soak up nutrients, release toxins etc.  If they are oxygenated they have the ability to absorb and accept different nutrients that give the cell life, or on the contrary cause the cell to die (apoptosis) because it’s that cells time to go, and that’s okay! that’s a good thing.

Your whole body needs to be hydrated and oxygenated.  If your body is hydrated and oxygenated it has the ability to flow, absorb and detoxify much better.  The whole body should be able to flow, absorb, detoxify and move.  If the body is stagnant, there’s a good chance it’s dehydrated and lacks the proper oxygen needed as well.  So giving the body enough pure oxygen and keeping it hydrated are very important.

The best superfood I know of that helps to oxygenate and hydrate the cells at the same time is Chia seeds.

Chia means ‘strength’ in the Mayan language, they fueled aztecs before they went into battle.  This is partially because chia seeds soak up to 9X their weight in water and then slowly releases that water to hydrate and fuel your body with hydration and oxygenation longterm in your gut.


They have hydrophilic colloid properties which means that they are great for the digestive system, this is the gelatinous type of substance that is created in the water and seeds when the chia seeds are soaked. Chia seeds are also rich in Omega 3 fats which help to lower triglycerides, thin the blood etc.

Chia seeds are also great for the joints, because they contain a good amount of healthy fats, protein, minerals, vitamins as well as fiber! They are very rebuilding and nourishing to the body and the flexibility and mobility of the joints.  In fact chia seeds are 18% protein, that’s more protein dense than whey protein is! So they contain more protein than whey protein, they are rich in healthy fats, calcium, fiber, as well as other minerals and vitamins.

They are one of the most amazing superfoods out their for oxygenating and hydrating the cells and have so many benefits.  In a future video I will be sharing with you how to use chia seeds along with a specific herbal blend and a superfood berry that will give you sustained energy throughout your whole workout so that you can have plenty of energy to get into the best shape of your life!

I got these chia seeds mentioned in the video from the Chia Company and recommend their chia seeds.

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~ Pura Vida ~

– David Benjamin

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