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Your lung capacity is directly related to your vitality and cardiovascular health.  The stronger your lungs the more oxygen your body as readily available and the easier it is for the body to recover and do what it needs to do to stay healthy.

Lung capacity is either shrinking or expanding based on how you live your life.  If you live a very sedentary life your lungs are most likely shrinking, becoming weaker and less effective over time.  If you are exerting energy in high intensity sports, or interval training such as cross fit, you are pushing your body to the max and your lungs will expand because of this.

There are several ways to increase your lung capacity to improve your vitality, cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing that I discuss in this video:

The first is to simply exercise, move! Get involved and get your heart rate up.  You should feel short of breath every once in a while, an oxygen deficit means that your body is working to expand your lung capacity and become stronger.

The second is to play a wind instrument.  This is a workout for your lungs and helps you build more of a lung capacity reserve for your overall health and wellbeing! And who doesn’t like the sound of an instrument? You might be rusty at first, but practice… you’ll get there 😉

The third way is to use a breathing device to increase your strength.

I’ve also just recently discovered that I can use bamboo straws from this company to increase my lung capacity and work as great breathing exercises.

I recommend trying as many of these ideas as you can and one or a few will resonate with you.  As you begin to increase your lung capacity you will be out of breath less often and will feel a better sense of vitality, energy and stamina in life! (and who doesn’t want that right?)

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Until next time, Pura Vida!

– David Benjamin