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Posture is very important for overall health and wellbeing. When your posture starts to slip, back problems is just the tip of the iceberg. The lower back, spinal cord, nervous system, lungs, circulation, muscle tone and strength and more can be affected simply by your posture slacking. You can learn more about why your posture is important for your health and well-being by watching this video.

Having positive posture habits improves circulation, lung and heart health, your central nervous system health as well as musculoskeletal health among other things.

Posture Improvement Tip #1: Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is simply hanging upside down to use gravity to your advantage to decompress your spine as opposed to have


gravity compress your spine all the time.  An inversion table or yoga swing are the most common in-home ways to use inversion therapy to stretch your back, spine and increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain.


Posture Improvement Tip #2: Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back can have big benefits for people that have slept on their stomach or side their whole lives.  By sleeping on your back you are putting your body in the position of it’s naturally healthiest posture.  You are giving your spine a chance to sleep-on-backdecompress, align, heal and straighten itself during sleep.  By sleeping on your stomach you typically would turn your head to one side or the other causing the spine to twist and the nervous system to sometimes be slightly pinched in areas.   Sleeping on your side is better than sleeping on your stomach because then at least that way you are not putting as much weight and stress on your organs as sleeping on your stomach.  If you cannot sleep on your back, sleeping on your side is the next best option.  When sleeping on your side do your best to sleep on your right side.  This allows for less pressure to be applied to the heart while sleeping which is healthier overall.

Posture Improvement Tip #3: Wear A Compression Shirt (Intelliskin)

Recently I got my first compression shirt from a company called intelliskin.  They create shirts similar to the under armour compression shirts but different in a few distinct ways.  The shirts were designed to improve posture.  The shirts contain more of the compression material that tightens the shirt to your body frame in order to keep it aligned.  Not only does it hold your posture in Intelliskin-Posture-backplace better for you, but it also is designed to pull your shoulders back and up, keeping your neck, shoulders and back more aligned.  This compression forces you to keep better posture and helps tone more of the smaller muscles that keep your posture healthy overall.  I have a few of their shirts and have been wearing them when working on the computer and throughout my day and my posture and postural habits have definitely improved thanks to just these shirts alone.

As you can see in the picture on the left, the shirt pulls your shoulders back and inward towards your spine so that you stand tall and keep your posture healthy, the way it should be.

These tips are simple, easy to implement and can start improving your posture right away.  By simply using a yoga swing or inversion table, sleeping on your back, and wearing an intelliskin shirt. You can drastically improve your posture, stand taller and healthier in the coming weeks and months!

Stand tall, my friends!

P.S. You can learn how to use an inversion table safely by watching this video I recorded showing you how to use it safely and effectively on youtube here.