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We all experience a range of symptoms in our lives. Whether it’s the occasional headache. The neck or back pain. The indigestion or bloating. Having a framework for knowing how to heal symptoms naturally is valuable. We all have symptoms that we deal with in life. Even the top natural and holistic doctors. The top names in health. We all have symptoms every once in a while. We all get thrown off our balance.

To heal whatever symptom you are experiencing naturally it takes a simple strategy. One that encompasses aligning the qi, prana, the life force energy in your body. This is called different things in different cultures. It really breaks down to the flow of your body. The flow of blood, the flow of water (hydration) and the flow of oxygen to the cells in the body. The more flow you have within each of these areas the less likely you are to experience symptoms. The more stagnant your body becomes the more symptoms will begin to surface.

How To Heal Symptoms Naturally:

What it really comes down to is stagnancy of flow and a higher level of flow. The more hydrated, oxygenated and circulation optimized your body becomes the less likely you will be to have these symptoms ongoing. If you’d like to reduce or completely remove these symptoms, simply practice:

  1. Getting & Staying Hydrated: 
    This means removing coffee, teas, soda or any drink that is a diuretic. A diuretic is something that depletes water from the body. Replace these drinks with pure water. Spring or purified water and make sure your body is properly hydrated and mineralized with essential minerals. Minerals such as potassium and magnesium are very important for reducing and removing pain, stomach issues, headaches and more. Focus on getting more of those two minerals.
  2. Breathing Deeply & Fully: 
    The body needs adequate levels of fresh oxygen in order to be healthy. One of the most valuable aspects of yoga is that it involves stretching your body and breathing deeply at the same time. This deep stretching and breathing in unison allows oxygen to move deeper into the body. This helps bring relief to the cells. The body can breathe better! The entire body is utilizing the oxygen from your lungs. I recommend walking in nature and breathing in deeply as well. Being in a natural environment surrounded by high quality oxygen is healing for the body and mind.
  3. Eat More Nutrition:
    Get more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eat more micro-nutrients. Your body needs more minerals, trace minerals, phytochemicals, vitamins and antioxidants. Your body does NOT need bread, dairy, sugar or meat to heal. These things will cause more pain, inflammation, headaches, skin conditions and tension within the body. These foods do not put the body in a state of ease. Whole foods that grow from the earth directly are the foods that you want to feed and nourish your cells so that your body starts to rediscover it’s balance again. The symptoms will fade away naturally if you tilt the scales.
  4. Let Go Of Emotional Toxicity:
    We all have emotional baggage in our lives. No one is immune to this. It’s a part of the journey here on earth. We all experience pain, trauma, betrayal and “all of the above” if you know what I mean! This disharmony of our emotional state in life takes creates a process of emotional accumulation in our lives. Your body can and will hold and stuff emotions in organs within the body. In order to let go of this trauma, this pain, this heartache we need to focus on forgiveness as a practice. Spend time forgiving. Do whatever you need to do to forgive those people in your life that shaped and molded your pain. Speak it out. Write it in a journal. Tell them you forgive them in person. Do whatever you need to do in order to find peace and closure from that chapter of pain in your life. Once you do that you’ll find that the grace and ease that enters your life comes much more fluidly because when you choose to let go of something negative a positive experience, person or place will fill that void. When you let go of the negativity and toxicity, you’re not empty! You simply have more room for good things to enter your life.I hope that you give these ideas a try. You can heal your symptoms naturally, it’s up to you and the action that you take. Move forward and make progress. Your life will be better for it!