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There are a few choices you have to choose from when you are sick. If you have a life threatening medical condition you can go the ‘traditional’ medical route and go with drugs, surgery, radiation or chemo etc. You can choose the natural route to heal with a plant based diet using vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. Or, the third choice is to simply do nothing and hope that your disease or condition heals on it’s own.

Recently I saw an amazing documentary called the sacred science which is a film that follows 8 people with extreme health conditions into the amazon rainforest and documents their journey to health while healing for 30 days. Not everyone come’s out of the rainforest alive, not everyone comes out healed. But the ups and downs show you how much value there is in nature, especially the amazon rainforest with it’s thousands of herbal and medicinal plant species some of which even yet to be discovered.

The film is free to watch for the next week by going here:, You can see my thoughts on the film and why I recommend watching it and the value of the amazon rainforest here:

Watch the sacred science trailer here:


You can view the film at

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– David Benjamin