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When I was in high school I worked at a large shoe store. We carried many different brands and during that time I learned a lot about the style of shoes and what made more sense to the consumer. I can say from firsthand experience that most shoes and shoe brands are not designed to benefit the consumer in terms of reducing the chance of pain or injury.

In fact, most shoes are designed without foot and postural alignment in mind and this is a big problem. Comfort and how appealing a shoe is visually is what is focused on primarily.

Shoes need to be designed differently though. Why? Because a poorly designed shoe can and will cause you to be more injury prone and could potentially be causing your knee or back pain right now. How? It’s all about posture and physiology. Most shoes have a raised heel which causes your back to be off center and over time that creates wear and tear that causes misalignment that leads to pain. Same with your knees.

If you have back or knee pain it could very well be because the shoes you’re wearing are putting them in a position that causes that every time you take a step outside. If you have pain while you’re walking in a certain pair of shoes this is a big indicator.

If a new pair of shoes can help with your knee or back pain it’s a great investment and for me this would have saved me a lot of pain if I would have simply known earlier to avoid the shoes and insoles I was using that were causing me knee pain every day on my job.

You can understand everything further in my own personal story in this video:

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Shoes either support your natural anatomy or they don’t. There’s really no in between there. There are only a few brands out there that create minimal shoes that have a flat base and have room for your toes to expand and add flexibility and strength.

Lem’s shoes are designed different in two main ways.


Second, the shoes are not lifted at all. They are kept even with your foot so that it doesn’t cause back troubles. They call this zero-drop design.

zero-drop-technology has more information. If you scroll to the bottom of their website and read below the “Un-Technology” area you’ll understand how and why these shoes are different. Next time you need a pair of shoes I highly recommend checking them out and investing in a correctly designed pair of shoes!

Beyond this you can get a pair of correct toes to support your toe and foot anatomy as well. You can learn more about that in this article.