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Did you know that the lighting in your home and office is affecting your health, circadian rhythm and hormones? We live in a world full of fluorescent lights, LED bulbs and many other forms of what we’ll call artificial lighting. Artificial lighting is man-made lighting that influences your health and well-being. Each form of light is different and there are some forms of lighting that are healthier but they tend to get quite pricey.

I personally use salt lamps because of the orange amber glow that it provides at night, which is more friendly to my circadian rhythm and hormones.

One form of lighting that I cannot escape however is blue light from screens. I work on the computer and I’m on my computer or phone for hours each day. In today’s interview I speak with Jenna Keane, she’s the COO at TrueDark. A company that produces blue-light blockers, glasses that help to block “junk light” such as blue, green and violet wavelengths.

Jenna Keane shares interesting insights into sleep quality, circadian rhythm and biology and what we can do to improve our sleep health and hormones. Topics discovered include circadian rhythm, melatonin, hormones, mitochondria, ATP, nitric oxide and more. Listen to the interview here:

You can learn more about True Dark glasses as well as the True Light technology on their website by clicking here:
True Dark Blue Blocking Glasses & True Light

I use these glasses while working on my computer and using the phone each day. I also use the True Dark red shades before sleep each night to turn my circadian rhythm on overdrive and to help my melatonin stay balanced.

Enjoy the interview and pick up one of their glasses if you feel you’ll benefit.