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Vaporize Herbs And Essential Oils With Vapor Therapy Using The Herbalizer


What is The #1 Way To Impact Your Central Nervous System?

Your Sense Of Smell. 

The Central Nervous System is the only sense that connects directly to the environment and does not need to be immediately touched like taste or touch in order to have an impact.  Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more powerful than any other smell because it’s instant, immediate and we pick up smells all day long.  Chemicals, odors, mold, fungus and other harmful things influence our health and nervous system because we inhale them on a day to day basis.  Vapor can be the fumes that come from chemicals and toxins in our environment.

One of the health products that I use often and love is a vaporizer known as The Herbalizer, The Herbalizer is a brand new on the market vaporizer that vaporizes any herb or essential oil into a vapor for inhaling.  You get instant effects and medicinal value from the plants or oils being vaporized because it creates a vapor to inhale.  Your body inhales this into the lungs and uses it instantly as well as it having it’s affects on your central nervous system and brain almost instantaneously.

Not Only Does Your Sense Of Smell Impact Your Nervous System But It Impacts Brain Chemistry As Well.

In Ayurveda, one of the oldest medical systems in the world, dating back 3,000+ years, they teach to smell your food before eating it.  Why? your sense of smell prepares your body for something before it needs to actually deal with it in physical form.  Think of it this way, if your in a war and you see and smell blood, your sense of vision and smell could save your life, this prepares your body to respond hormonally and your brain chemistry notify your body to go into fight or flight mode.  Brain chemistry is altered by your sense of smell and how alert and awake or calm and sedated you feel depends on how your brain chemistry is acting in that current moment, and your sense of smell can play a large roll in that when used properly.  Simply put your sense of smell and using vapor therapy are two of the fastest and most effective ways to calm your nervous system and quite the mind.

Your sense of smell is the #1 way to impact your nervous system, so vapor and aromatherpay is a great way to destress and calm the nervous system and when using medicinal plants, oils or herbs that help to destress you really help reduce stress hormones and calm the nervous system which improves sleep quality, and your body’s ability to rejuvenate overall.

What is Vapor Therapy? 

Vapor Therapy is essentially the vapor (steam or gas) that you inhale in order to gain the benefits from medicinally.  A netti pot, steam shower or smelling/inhaling steam from tea on the stove are technically all forms of vapor therapy.  Vapor therapy is a modern way to influence your body very quickly using vapor, essentially gas!

Why is Vapor Therapy So Effective?

Vapor is a gas, so your body uses it instantly.  The body’s ability to use this vapor works fast because the lungs inhale this and it’s in your bloodstream super fast.  It’s the vapor of the essential oil or herb, so there is no digestive work that goes into using the medicinal effects, the vapor carries those compounds and is fast acting.

I’ve personally vaporized a variety of herbs, clove oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, wild orange essential oil and others and can tell within under a minute the effects of the vapor therapy.  It’s just as if you were in a pristine rainforest inhaling the purest oxygen on earth, or you are in an industrial city full of pollution and toxins.  Your mind and body feel different and you sense the difference mentally.   The thing I like most about it is that I can use the herbalizer to calm my mind, or to ignite it.  I find that it has a strong and direct impact on the brain and your brain chemistry being able to relax or focus in under a minute is very very valuable if you are busy and want to stay productive and relax when you need too.

As you can see further below, it has the ability to provide vapor and aromatherapy in your home, giving you the ability to instantly impact the home environment or your own inner environment through vapor therapy.

You Can Learn More And See Why And How I Love Using The Herbalizer In This Video…


 As you can see here the vaporizer heats up instantly allowing you to create a vapor of whatever herb or essential oil that you would like to enter your body:


As you can see on the left, you can set the aromatherapy option and give everyone in the room the ability to feel the calming effects of lavender or wild orange essential oil.

You can set the timer to 15 minutes, 30 minutes or however long you’d like the aromatherapy aroma to enter the room.

Remember, your sense of smell is the #1 most effective way to influence your central nervous system and you can influence that by adding an herb or oil and pushing two buttons, it’s instantaneous nervous system relief and this technology is there for you to use over and over again once you own the herbalizer. 


As you can see above, the vaporizer has two options.

Aromatherapy & Vaportherapy. 

With Vaportherapy you can change the temperature in an instant, and with the click of one button use the balloon or whip to inhale the herb or essential oil vapor instantly impacting your nervous system, brain chemistry.

Herbalizer vaporizer review


Herbalizer technology


Personally, I have and use my herbalizer to mainly calm my mind and nervous system and improve sleep quality but I also use it to vaporize things like peppermint that awaken the mind and help keep me mentally sharp and focused.  If you want to holistically biohack your brain chemistry, nervous system, sleep quality, energy levels and any other aspect of your health that herbs or essential oils may impact then I recommend that you get an herbalizer.  It’s one of those health toys you’ll enjoy for years and get so much benefit from.  I already have!

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Legal: The Herbalizer is a vaporizer that I love, I believe it is the best vaporizer on the market to get the most out of your herbs and essential oils.  Vapor therapy is an effective method of delivery to your body.  The Herbalizer is not mean’t to treat or cure any disease.