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David Kane and Ulrike (Riki) Kretschmar are co-owners of Humannagold, conducting groundbreaking research focused on Ormic materials. David has an extensive background in diagnosing and troubleshooting technical and mechanical problems, especially in the aircraft and automotive industries. His technical background combined with a curious and skeptical mindset led to his interest in Ormus Gold, its health protocols and effect on our bodies. He was able to use Ormus to completely relieve chronic back pain he had suffered with for many years. His Research shows that ORMIC state materials comprise five percent of the dry weight of the human brain and nervous system, and most likely the rest of us as well.

Riki And David.

Riki And David.

ORMIC materials can be regarded as a fifth state of matter, with solids, liquids, gases and plasma comprising the other four states. There have now been 42 elemental ORMIC materials isolated, and David and his wife believe they will likely run most the spectrum of the periodic table.

In this interview we talk about what ormus gold is exactly, the ormic value it provides to our body and health as well as the reasons for making it part of your health routine.  We also talk about Electro-magnetic frequencies, dirty electricity and the affect that all of this has on our health, ormic and magnetic field which impacts our health.  Ormus gold, providing the ormic materials our body needs to maintain it’s structure and communication working properly helps to align our body in so many unique ways.  You’ll hear in the interview how it has positively impacted humans, animals and plants alike!


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– David Benjamin