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When you think of laughter you probably don’t think much beyond it. Laughing at a comedy club or at a funny will ferrell movie is the extent of laughter for most of us. But with science and in depth research researchers are finding that there are many tangible health benefits of laughter that go beyond physical health benefits. We’re talking mental, emotional, physical and beyond.

So how does laughter improve our health? and what are the health benefits of laughter anyway? In this video we discuss those health benefits and how you can engage in laughter more often in your life to gain all of the health benefits laughter entails.

As you can see, the health benefits of laughter are tremendous! Laughter helps you to:

  1. Manage Stress & Pain Better
  2. Improve Cognitive Performance (Memory, Problem Solving Ability, Basically… you become smarter!)
  3. Increase Happy Brain Chemistry (Dopamine)
  4. Increase Relaxation Response (Healthy Nervous System)
  5. Increases Blood flow As Much As 15-30 Minutes Of Exercise (Source: Real Farmacy)
  6. Improves Immunity & Heart/Cardiovascular Health
  7. Helps You Feel More Connected & Build More Positive Relationships!

You can see that there are many reasons to laugh, it put’s your body into a stress-free relaxation response state which reduces stress & pain, and helps you cope with these things better but also helps you improve and optimize your brain health, cardiovascular health, immunity, digestive health and any pain in the body at all. When people say “Laughter is the Best Medicine” they are not joking, seriously. It’s a free practice that has incredible positive physical, mental and emotional effects on the body. If you can, you should engage in laughter every single day, there is no reason not too! You’re improving your health and putting your body at ease.

Now that you’ve been educated and informed on the tremendous value of laughter for your health and well-being it’s time to put this into action, watch this video of Conan at a korean spa and PLEASE laugh your ass off!

If you want to learn more about laughter and it’s effects on your health and well-being listen to this interview with Julie Ostrow, world laughing champion, on how laughter is much more than medicine, who was a host on the Healthy Wild And Free podcast last year by clicking here.