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Cypress essential oil comes from the tree Cupressus sempervirens. This tree is a medicinal tree that has many different benefits and features. These trees have a good tolerance to drought, air currents, wind-driven dust, sleet and atmospheric gases.

The tree is an evergreen tree that is native to the United States of America. As the trees roots reach for water they have been found to be able to survive in soils that are both alkaline and acidic. These trees are grown in the coastal plains and southern states, like Delaware, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi.

So what are the benefits of turning the stems and needles of this tree into an essential oil?

Some say this essential oil is valuable because of the endless capabilities it holds to fight infections, help remove and detoxify the body. Others have also said that it is a stimulant which helps anxiety and nervousness. There are so many ways that this essential oil can be used to help keep the body whole. I hope you find cypress as intriguing as I do, and I hope that some of these benefits from this essential oil might be able to help you in a time of need.

7 Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil 

1. Circulation and Aches/Pains/Cramps

Cypress essential oil helps maintain healthy circulation, which inadvertently helps reduce the amount of aches, pains, and cramps your body experiences. It can also help improve restless leg syndrome and carpal tunnel.

2. Cellulite/Varicose Veins

Varicose veins often appear throughout the back of the legs. They’re a pool of blood that results in a bulging of the veins. Simply by applying cypress essential oil to the varicose veins can help the blood flow properly to the heart. Cellulite occurs when there is a lack of circulation, fluid retention or weak collagen and an increase in body fat. Cypress essential oil can help to remove the excess water and salt that leads to these problems.

3. Anxiety

This essential oil has a naturally calming and relaxed sensation when used topically or for aromatherapy. It helps to increase happiness while decreasing stress and tension. If you have trouble sleeping, try using this essential oil before bed. It can also help calm the body down and get it ready for a good night’s sleep.  

4. Wounds/Infections

Within Cypress essential oil there is a thing called camphene that helps heal wounds and infections faster. This essential oil also prohibits the growth of unhealthy bacteria. There are antimicrobial properties that cypress essential oil carries, so it is very helpful and important when trying to be clean.

5. Body Odor

Mixed with its antibacterial properties, this essential oil has a pleasant masculine smell that can fight off any unwanted body odor.

6. Respiratory System

Cypress helps increase the efficiency of the lungs while cleaning up the respiratory system. It aids in helping to eliminate coughs and phlegm and clears up congestion making it a whole lot easier to breathe.

7. Toxins

Because this oil is a diuretic, it helps the body release internal toxins. This oil can also increase sweat and perspiration, which can help remove internal toxins as well. The benefits of this can also affect any skin problems or irritation such as acne and other conditions that all lead back to toxic buildup.

A friendly reminder:

When choosing which brand to buy make sure that it is high quality. There can be a lack of standards and regulations when it comes to essential oils, so when a brand declares that they’re “pure” or “natural” you have to be careful. Essential oils found at the drugstore are not therapeutic grade and may contain other unnecessary ingredients.

A good brand should follow these guidelines:

  • Each plant grown indigenously for the healthiest plant
  • Grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc
  • Harvested with precise timing to ensure peak properties
  • Extracted with proper temp and pressure to preserve oil molecules
  • Third-party testing of every batch
  • Proper plant varieties
  • Stand behind the internal use of their oils

Different ways to use essential oils:

Diffuser: You can use cypress by itself or there are other oils that pair well with it for a sweet aroma. Some of these oils include:

Topically: Where perfume may be applied is always a good place to start, meaning on your throat and on your wrists are always safe and helpful. Another good place is the back of your neck.

Internally: You can dilute the oil with water or put into a veggie cap and swallow the pill whole.  

Ingest Them: Breads, Salads, Smoothies, and meats are great places to start. Only some essential oils are safe to ingest. Cypress is to be used for aromatic or topical use only, not for ingesting. 

The benefits of this oil speak for themselves. So why not add this oil to your collection too? If you’re just starting out and getting into essential oils, Cypress not only has many benefits, but many of us can put it to good use after reading the 7 benefits above. If anything, this oil helps make your body healthier, and I think that’s a good enough reason right there to try it out.

I personally use and recommend doterra essential oils. They produce CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade oils) that I use almost daily. They can be found online by clicking this link.

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