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Gratitude? What does that have to do with health? or happiness for that matter? In my mind, and the mind of some scientists out there… everything! Did you know that practicing and expressing gratitude makes you happier? it’s true, scientists have proven it. I believe gratitude should be woven into everything that we do. Being grateful and appreciating things adds so much value to your life and to the world as a whole. Sometimes society and culture teaches us to be grateful only for the positive things, and when we practice gratitude we open up to more abundance, love, compassion, empathy, quality relationships and positive experiences happening in our life in general. I’m grateful for every experience in my life whether positive or negative.

gratitudeIn this podcast, we’ll talk about gratitude and how it affects our happiness as well as our health. What the value of gratitude is and why you should make it a part of your daily practice to benefit from it.

Also, if you would be so kind to answer these questions in the comment section below I would really appreciate it.

1. How Grateful Are You in Life on a day-to-day basis right now on a scale of 1-to-10? (10 being the highest)

2. What are 3 things (people, events, situations) that you are grateful for now that you may not have been grateful for at one point in your life?

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Here it is, just me and you chatting fireside (or something like that) haha! Enjoy:

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Have a Gratitude Filled ThanksGiving With Your Family!

– David Benjamin

P.S. Here’s that video that I mentioned in the podcast below…