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Gain is one of the best selling laundry detergents. The company made over 582 million dollars in 2017 alone. Their sales were double compared to Purex and Arm & Hammer, so it’s safe to say they blew them out of the water. But don’t let the color of Gain’s container fool you. Consciously be aware that their green bottle doesn’t mean that what’s inside is a green product.

Watch out for there new botanicals, a plant-based detergent that claims more than it really gives.

A main ingredient in Gain detergence is fragrance, which is in their new plant-based detergent. At first glance that doesn’t seem so bad, but what might shock you is that “manufacturers combine a number of chemicals to produce a fragrance—so you’ll believe your clothes are clean because they smell clean—and they don’t have to list those chemicals on the label because of trade protection.” According to EWG, fragrance not only has concerns regarding skin irritation, nervous system effects, and respiratory effects. However, on Gain’s website when providing a description for fragrance all they say is “provides freshness.”

Another ingredient in Gain’s detergent, like their original liquid detergent, is Polyethyleneimine Ethoxylate. On their website, it says that the ingredient “keeps dirt in suspension.” On EWG’s website, there are many concerns because of this chemical like asthma, development and reproductive toxicity, environmental harms, and the most shocking, cancer.

One of the scariest ingredients is Sodium Borate. This ingredient is in their Ultra HE liquid laundry detergent. It has been placed on the EU GHS hazard labeling codes with very high concern due to its reverse effect on fertility. The risk of using this detergent while pregnant, or looking to get pregnant in the future, is definitely not worth it.

For consumers, sometimes buying the brand that is well known seems to be the easiest. Or if you’re mildly concerned and just believe the catchphrases or claims on the front of the bottle, it’s time to start taking a little more notice. No company should be making 582 million dollars a year by selling a product that isn’t good for your personal health or the health of the environment. I highly recommend using EWG to further look into the products you use in your home. They have made it easy for us not to support brands like Gain that are, in a sense, making false promises.

With that being said, I have some good news. I was recently made aware of a company called MyGreenFills.

This company brings you chemical free laundry detergent and protects your home from dangerous toxins that have a big impact on our planet. The best part is that it is affordable AND lives up to its promises.

“Every year, 700 million laundry jugs end up in US landfills. Plus, 422 million pounds of CO2 is emitted into the air by transporting bulky liquid and powder detergents to stores across the country.” But their mission is to stop this. Not only by providing a laundry detergent we’ve all been hoping for but by also cutting down unnecessary plastic waste by using refillable jugs and recyclable refill pouches. You can change your order or cancel at any time, no strings attached! The best part is that this product is shipped right to your door whenever you need it and shipping is free- for LIFE! They definitely have a good thing going here.

If you would like to try using MyGreenFills they will send you free sample packs all you have to do is pay for shipping. I promise it is worth every penny, and it will make laundry healthier, cleaner, and fun. Click on the link below to find out all the details.

I use My Green Fills and I have been thoroughly impressed. Their company is based in Traverse City, MI. They give back to a deaf community in Jamaica, and best of all the products that they offer work and they keep your family safe from toxins. They have made the switch easy. You will never have to worry about the ingredients in your laundry detergent let alone going out to the store and buying detergent. There isn’t anything better than knowing your set, for life.

Feel good about how you wash your clothes while also feeling good about taking care of the world around you. It should be that way, and MyGreenFills is a wonderful solution to many of these different issues that seem to clash with one another today. It is important to know that there are good options out there that do good in more ways than one. So let’s come together and support companies that are actually doing what they promised way back when they started with a hope and a dream. Learn more about My Green Fills by visiting their website here.

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