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In this 55th episode of the Healthy Wild And Free podcast I speak with Francesca McCartney, she has a PhD in Energy Medicine. Since 1976, Dr. McCartney has worked in the field of intuition as a medical intuitive in an integrative health clinic, a holistic health counselor, author and educator. In 1984, Dr. McCartney founded the Academy of Intuition Medicine® the first California State licensed vocational program in the field of Energy Medicine that trains Medical Intuitives. In 2006, Francesca founded Energy Medicine University which awards MS and PhDs in Integrative Holistic Health. You can learn more about Francesca and her work at

We discuss the 16 senses beyond the 5 senses that we use on a daily basis, and how quieting our 5 senses creates space in our consciousness to unlock other senses to improve intuitive capabilities. When our intuitive capabilities are improved we make better decisions, eat smarter and are more in tune with what our body needs at any given time, whether it’s rest, water, nutrition or some dark chocolate! (yum)

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Learn more about Francesca’s work at

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– David Benjamin