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Working in the holistic and natural health and wellness space has it’s perks. I attend conferences and events where I meet amazing people doing amazing things. At one conference last year near Atlanta I met a group of two amazing young entrepreneurs who created a website to connect health professionals and health consumers in a very cool way. The company is called DaoCloud. DaoCloud is the social network for wellness. It’s where you can access the community and the resources that support your path to optimal health.

What I like about their platform is that as an avid reader of health content they allow you to follow those topics that are of most importance to you. Heart disease? cancer? brain health? They’re all on the list. You get to pick and choose what matters to you and your health and see that. No more wasting time scrolling through pointless facebook posts just to find the one thing that you’re looking for. You get content curated how you want it based on your interests.

Another benefit of DaoCloud which is quite cool is that it allows you to find local health professionals to you. This process is as simple as typing in your zip code and letting the website go to work. The website searches in your local area the health professionals that you want access to and gives all that information to you so that you can make the best decision. The video below will show that in further detail.

Whether you live in San Francisco, Detroit or New York City. You just enter your zip code and wallah, you’re plugged into your local health scene. DaoCloud allows you to make smarter decisions with your health.

Here’s a video demo of how the website works (Skip to 4 minutes in to see the on screen demonstration):

Click Here To Signup For DaoCloud as a User.

Click Here To Signup For DoaCloud as a Health Professional.