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I’m a big believer in the medicinal, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of essential oils. I’ve been using them for years but have really gotten into using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils from doterra (that can be used for aromatherapy, topically and some to ingest) as of this year.

Out of all the essential oils that i’ve used one of my favorite essential oils is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus has a rich, refreshing scent that is uplifting and mentally clarifying. There are multiple health benefits to this enriching essential oil that range from mind, to body and spirit as well.

Eucalyptus Oil is:

an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and has circulation stimulating properties specifically increasing blood flow to the brain.

To interpret these properties in simpler terms. It reduces inflammation that can lead to many conditions from arthritis to pain and swelling. It suppresses and relaxes the muscles to reduce muscle spasms. If you’ve ever had your arm, leg, shoulder or eye lash twitch then this oil can help in this way. It helps to decongest the chest and open breathing pathways. It prevents disease causing micro-organisms from growing and spreading in the body. It fights bacteria and bacteria overgrowth which can lead to a variety of problems such as weakened immunity or infections. It is also beneficial for stopping fungal infections in their tracks.

Lastly it increases blood flow and circulation to the brain which helps your brain diffuse mental clutter and relax into a more zen relaxed state.

The active compound in eucalyptus known as eucalyptol and this compound is a large part of the reason that Eucalyptus is so beneficial. Beyond these benefits it also prevents cancer and reduces oxidative stress by acting as an anti-oxidant in the body. It is also great for people with asthma as it improves breathing and ventilation.

It’s a tremendous oil with plenty of physical tangible health properties. Beyond the physical and mental though Eucalyptus also has spiritual properties as well.

According to the book Emotional Healing With Essential Oils by Dan Macdonald he describes Eucalyptus as an essential oil for people attached to illness. People who are clingy, defeated, desire to escape life responsibilities and imprisoned, powerless to heal, sickly.

The book describes a type of individual who get’s sick and has unhealthy mental patterns that get them sick constantly, either because getting sick gives them a break or getting sick let’s them be free of responsibilities or getting sick makes them feel that they are cared for and loved. This oil helps people in the victim-hood mindset to feel empowered and to give them more life.

My personal belief is that by giving your body more breath capacity with this oil it opens up the door to a more empowered stronger life with more mental clarity as it also increases blood flow to the brain.

It’s an uplifting oil for anyone with chest congestion, a common cold, sickness, bronchitis, mental or emotional despair and weakness. It feels empowering to me personally. I use it by applying it topically and using an aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse the smell in my home.

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Image: wikimedia