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Every once in a while, as part of the Healthy Wild And Free mission I want to share with you amazing beauty that comes directly from nature. In this video I was visiting La Fortuna, Costa Rica, a town next to a volcano and Lake Arenal. It’s a beautiful town with beautiful people, amazing Costa Rican food and hot springs everywhere, the hot springs are extraordinary. It was such a relaxing experience, basking in nature and enjoying the lush green nature around us. This was in the month of March, but if you visit in rainy season (June through October) the rainforest is even greener. I’m looking forward to visiting at that time in the future.

One thing you’ll notice in this video, beyond the beauty is that the leaves are absolutely massive, incredibly large! The biodiversity in the rainforest, whether it’s a Costa Rican rainforest, Peruvian rainforest or a rainforest in Asia is that the plants grow, grow and keep growing. They become massive and are so cool to see. This is one reason i’m such a big believer in herbs from the amazon rainforest for medicinal use, the herbs and plants in the amazon rainforest are the most biodiverse in the world. The environment causes them to develop anti-bacterial, anti-viral and medicinal properties more potent than any other plants on the planet.

The rainforest is very important, and I do what I can to support the sustainability of the rainforest. One thing you can do is to support the Aceer foundation, which is a great organization helping to support the amazon rainforest. Another thing you can do is to simply invest into your health. At a percentage of your purchase goes to support tribes and indigenous people in the amazon rainforest to acquire land rights and to keep the land preserved as the way nature intended. These herbs are incredible, I take them myself daily and have heard so many stories of people benefiting from them beyond myself.

Here’s the video, enjoy!

By the way, I felt high in this video, I wasn’t doing drugs or anything but I literally felt a high. I think the purity of the oxygen, the cold water and the stimulus of the environment does something to your brain. It was incredible, I definitely plan on going back to La Fortuna Costa Rica.

Hope you enjoyed it!

David Benjamin

P.S. The podcast is on hold currently unfortunately because I cannot upload a new episode with the internet connection, but will be back in a few weeks with new episodes! Enjoy your weekend.