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Dr. Sebi is one of the greatest healers of our time. Unfortunately he died recently in what some say was a planned death. He was a health coach to many famous people in Hollywood such as Michael Jackson (along with the entire Jackson family), Lisa “left eye” Lopez, Steven Seagal, Eddie Murphy’s mom and many more.

He has been known for treating and successfully curing HIV, Aids, Cancer and other diseases with his alternative health practices. What most people seem to forget though is that before Dr. Sebi was a healer to the stars and celebrities of the world he struggled with his own health challenges.

Dr. Sebi has a really interesting story. In 1988 he was litigated by the New York City supreme court, he faced civil and criminal charges for practicing medicine without a license. Most people in this situation would be terrified. Instead, Dr. Sebi stood steadfast and proved in a court of law that what he was promoting and practicing had results. He cured 13 people of HIV before he was arrested. His own mother warned him by saying “They’re going to get you” telling him that because he was black and he was going against the grain, they were going to come after him.

On February 10th he was arrested by agents. He was advertising that he could cure a variety of diseases and conditions.

Listen To His Full Story Here:

Dr. Sebi Lost 171 Pounds Following His Own Advice And Research.

He followed his own research and advice to do this himself. Listen to his fat loss story here:

He went from 291 pounds to 120 pounds at 6’2″ with these simple guidelines. He successfully dropped and kept off 171 pounds of unhealthy fat. 120 pounds may be a little too light for 6’2″ for you personally. I know that i’d want to weigh a little bit more than that personally, to maintain some muscle mass. That is completely up to you though.

Dr. Sebi Recommends To Do the Following:

  1. Remove Glucose & Starch:

    Glucose is responsible for adding unhealthy weight to the body. Glucose is sugar and carbohydrates. Pasta, breads, rice and any carbohydrate or sugar breaks down to glucose in the body. You may not remove 100% of glucose from your diet but even removing 80% will give you a lot of progress in a short period of time. Sugar feeds fat and cancer both. Keep that in mind!

  2. Drink High pH Water:

    Water with a high pH has a higher oxygen content which allows your body to absorb and utilize oxygen more efficiently. This enhances and optimizes all bodily systems. Spring water is one of the best, most alkaline and oxygenated sources of water. In the future I will be publishing information on this so be sure to subscribe to the facebook newsletter by clicking here.

  3. Eat Whole Foods Not Processed:

    Dr. Sebi is a big believer in eating whole foods from the earth. If you research his work or talks on youtube you’ll find that he is a huge advocate for whole foods. Eat foods that grow in the earth. Not foods that come in a bag, box or can. Eat more vegetables and fruits and drink a great pure source of water to alkalize and oxygenate your body.

    You can follow Dr. Sebi’s posts (from his team, since he is deceased) on facebook here.
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