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When I was a kid at about 12 years old my mom really started investing in her health with her time and energy. Mainly because she was diagnosed with cancer so her diet became of vital importance along with her other health and lifestyle decisions. One night, she said “we’re having pudding for dinner” and that’s it! My siblings and myself looked at her like she was crazy.

Sure enough though, she presented the dinner table with the biggest bowl of pudding i’d ever seen. It had a rich taste, not full of sugar like the pudding you’d get from the store. I’m not quite sure what that recipe was but I just remember her telling us that it was healthy pudding and it didn’t taste too bad. We enjoyed our pudding dinner and refilled our bowls multiple times. If you want to skip directly to the chocolate pudding recipe scroll down to the bottom of this article to skip the health benefits it offers.

The great thing about the internet is you can find almost anything, so when I stumbled upon this avocado pudding recipe I figured this is where it’s at! This needs to be shared with the fans and readers at Healthy Wild And Free.

This recipe includes avocado, cacao, coconut, vanilla and raw honey. It’s a nutrient dense, superfood rich tasting treat for you and your family. It has a creamy and rich chocolate flavor. The coconut, vanilla, cacao and honey mixed together creates a really rich flavor profile and add that to the creamy avocado and you’re in for a treat!

The great thing about this recipe is that it’s packed with nutrients and superfoods that actually benefit your health. Instead of being full of sugar, it’s good for you and your health. The main ingredient being avocado has a variety of health benefits.

Avocado’s are rich in:

  • Fiber
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Potassium (more than twice the amount found in a banana)
  • Vitamin E
  • B-vitamins
  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Boron

They benefit heart and cardiovascular health as well as digestive health and metabolism. Avocado’s help to increase progesterone levels in women and testosterone levels in men. Avocado helps to keep the mitochondria of the cells healthy and keeps energy production levels stable. This helps to protect the body against free radical damage. Avocado’s are also¬†antibacterial and antifungal and they help your body to absorb other essential nutrients. Overall the health benefits of avocado’s cross many barriers. Benefiting digestive health, cardiovascular health, brain health, joint health and even immunity.

This nutrient packed superfood is the base of this pudding recipe.

Beyond that cacao is another main ingredient. Cacao is the richest source of magnesium on the planet! Why is magnesium important and what does it do in the body? Magnesium is crucial for a few reasons. First and foremost when you are stressed or when you take a pharmaceutical drug (if you do or have) magnesium is the very first mineral that is depleted from the body. So if you’re taking any pharmaceutical drugs ongoing or have any ongoing stress at any level (who doesn’t) then your body is constantly burning through magnesium and those magnesium levels need to be replenished.

Thankfully cacao and avocado (2 of the main ingredients in this recipe) contain magnesium. Magnesium is responsible for helping your body relax. The nerves, muscles and entire body. Adequate levels of magnesium improve sleep health as well as energy levels and brain function. The mineral magnesium is beneficial in helping your body be more flexible and less tense. If you ever get cramps in your muscles it could be because you’re dehydrated or are deficient in magnesium or potassium, which are present in avocado and cacao!

Beyond this, vanilla is a relaxing and helps you feel more joyful, just it’s scent does that! Other than these ingredients raw honey is packed with liver enhancing nutrients as well as metabolism boosting compounds. This recipe will leave you feeling relaxed, blissful and keep your gut healthy. It’s a treat to have a treat that actually benefits your health and doesn’t leave you feeling like crap!

Here’s The Recipe:

Ingredients You’ll Need: (Each Are Clickable To What is Needed)

  1. Combine avocado, cacao powder, coconut milk, vanilla, coconut oil and honey in blender. Blend on high for 1 minute or until smooth. You can use a regular blender such as a vitamix or a nutribullet for this.
  2. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  3. Take out of the fridge, enjoy and share! (Optional: Add sliced bananas to your chocolate pudding bowl!)