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Dr. Matthew Marturano is a naturopathic physician and creator of The COHERENT Method: A holistic approach to comprehensive digestive health. This method offers a framework for a personalized and focused approach to digestive health symptoms that combines lifestyle factors with


specific food recommendations and dietary supplements in order to support the body’s natural healing processes and help restore digestive health. He studied naturopathic medicine and is on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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The COHERENT Method is an acronym for optimal digestive health.  It is:

C: Colonize (Microbiota in the gut)

O: Optimize (Absorption of nutrients)

H: Harmonize (Digestive systems)

E: Equalize (Terrain, to remove debris for healthy gut flora)

N: Neutralize: (Invaders, To remove harmful invaders from the digestive system)

T: Tranquilize: (Gut Tissue, to calm hyperactivity and soothe digestive upset)

Keep the coherent method in mind and make sure to keep your digestive system healthy by eating healthy, knowing your food sensitivities, including probiotics in your diet and being aware of how your body reacts to the food that you eat.

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– David Benjamin