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After a series of health related events David McCullar began a journey in troubleshooting his health through health based technologies. He first learned about Brain Optimization-Neurofeedback in his quest to overcome his own traumas. David experienced life-transforming effects within a few short sessions. He triumphed over debilitating anxiety, depression, and a back injury.

As a businessman, Mr. McCullar is most recognized for co-founding the Michigan based NeuroFitness Center in 2007, a cutting-edge regional network of brain fitness centers. These centers offer clients life-changing brain body wellness tools . In this interview David McCullar and myself discuss zengar brainwave training, a form of neurofeedback to retrain the brain. How to use brainwave training, float tanks and TRE (Trauma release exercises) to your advantage to clear your mind-body from traumatic experiences and negative emotions.

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