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The Bioscarf is The First Of It’s Kind Air Filtering Scarf

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About Bioscarf And Polluted Air We Breathe…

1. Air pollution has become the World’s singe biggest environmental health risk.
– The World Health Organization

2. UNICEF estimates that over 2 Billion people are breathing toxic air

3. This Bioscarf can protect you. It has filtration built right in

4. It can filter out 99.75% of all airborne contaminants size 0.1 microns and larger.

5. That means it can protect you from smog and PM 2.5.

6. As well as influenza, strep, pet dander and pollen to name a few.

8. The bioscarf is made out of eco-friendly materials!

9. If that weren’t enough, for every Bioscarf you buy they donate one to a person less fortunate at risk for air pollution related illnesses… Get one below or click here.