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It’s no secret that Bill Nye got roasted by Del Bigtree on facebook recently. In a scathing video Del Bigtree tears apart Bill Nye’s kindergarten explanation of how vaccines work. The video starts with Bill Nye explaining in very basic kindergarten terms how vaccines work. It’s oriented towards kids, because Bill Nye doesn’t speak adult.

You may not know this but Bill Nye is actually an actor and has a degree in mechanical engineering. He’s not even a real scientist. No wonder Del’s video currently has 5 million views.

Any grown adult who is a conscious thinker realizes at some point that there were things we were taught in school that are simply not true. For example, the D.A.R.E. program taught kids in school that “Drugs were bad” and anything that they labeled as a drug we had to avoid. On that list was cannabis. You know, marijuana.

The herb that has helped countless people with nervous system disorders, cancer, brain conditions and other life threatening conditions¬†live a regular life again. Unless you’re completely asleep at the wheel of your life, you have probably seen at least a few videos on facebook of children who have stopped having seizures because of cannabis.

The science and research is extremely crystal clear. Marijuana is beneficial for health and may even help heal the body from a variety of illnesses. This is one example of how we’ve been lied to as children, but I digress.

Back to Bill Nye, “The bought and paid for actor, selling big pharma tobacco science guy”

Here’s the video, please watch it and read the instructions below as to how you can help Del Bigtree keep this going. This is very important. The battleground for vaccine awareness and efficacy is happening right now and we need your help. Del needs your help.

Here’s the Del Bigtree Video Roasting Billy Nye:

How And Why Del Bigtree Needs Your Help In These 3 Ways Now:

This video has gone viral with almost 5 million views currently. We can and need to keep this going.

Step 1:

Watch the video (above) first and foremost. Play it again and again. Keep racking those views up!

Step 2:

Like, Comment and Share the video. You can do this by taking 10 seconds to click like, share a few words in a comment and click share. This keeps the virality (an actual term, google it) going. This engagement (likes, comments, shares) keeps it showing and gets it into the newsfeed of more facebook users. We need to keep pushing this.

Step 3:

Lastly, leave a review for Del Bigtree on his facebook page. The “Science Bros” (you know, the 30 year old single nerdy male who has no kid’s who believes all “science” spewed by mainstream media is 100% true because they don’t understand financial incentives at ALL)

You can leave a review for Del Bigtree on his facebook page. These “Science Bros” are leaving 1-star reviews on his page in order to discredit him, in order to discredit the truth. This has brought his review to a 3.8 out of 5 which makes people think he’s questionable. If we can get a few hundred reviews of Del Bigtree that are 5-stars, we can give him more credibility that he deserves, that we deserve, that our children and our future deserve.

You can click the image below to be taken directly to Del’s facebook page. Simply click “5-stars” and type a review, then submit.

Leave Del Bigtree a review at this link: (Click here) 

Lastly, please share this article with your friends and family. The more views, likes, comments and shares we can get on this video the better. Additionally, getting that review score for Del over a 4.0 (out of 5) will give him more credibility and this question of vaccine safety and efficacy more credibility as well.