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As a parent, what would your worst nightmare be? A car accident or losing your child in a crowded room? Sometimes the things that will scare you the most in regards to your children are the things that you believe are safe. What if you willingly gave your child a medicine or food that potentially harms or disables them for life? That has become the reality for thousands of families in the United States battling vaccine injury. Here’s my family’s vaccine battle.

My Background and Why I Vaccinated My Son

Growing up, I fully believed vaccines were a Godsend. The one area in modern medicine that we had conquered and cured human kind. As an adult I furthered my beliefs in modern medicine by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and Critical Care Technician. I often battled with those who we now call “anti-vax” over the efficacy and life saving benefits of immunization. I never once believed that my stance was wrong or even doubted that they were anything less than perfection.

We are going to fast forward a bit to 2012 when I gave birth to my first child, Hayden. I still had unwavering support for vaccines at the time and didn’t think twice when they administered vial after vial to my newborn baby. High fever and swelling at the injection site was something I was all too familiar with due to my medical training. What I wasn’t prepared for was him contracting the very thing he was vaccinated against only 2 weeks after his 6 month wellness check. This 9 letter bacterial infection is something no mother wants to hear especially in their infant, pneumonia.

When? Where? Why? How could this possibly happen when my child was just vaccinated against it? The wheels in my head were spinning out of control. I’m going to take you back a bit to understand how we received the pneumonia diagnosis.

My son Hayden at 1 year old.

Pneumonia After the Pneumococcal Vaccine

Two weeks after my son got the pneumococcal vaccine he started having a very odd cough. The cough ranged from mild to filled with phlegm. I chucked it up to a cold and felt that it would pass in a couple of days. The cough turned into a mild fever and at this point I was still feeling pretty comfortable with my diagnosis of it simply being a cold of some sort. About a week after the introduction of the cough, his fever spiked to 104.7. This raised alarms because not only was he not eating anymore, he wasn’t taking fluids.

Scared out of my mind I scheduled him an appointment for the next day at his pediatricians office. They gave him a quick temp check and checked his lungs via stethoscope. “Everything seems to be fine Ms. Black, I will have the nurse administer him a Tylenol suppository to bring down his fever.” I’m thinking this is good news and he seemed to be doing much better after the fever reducer. Later that night his fever came back with a vengeance and instead of taking him to his pediatrician, I took him to an urgent care clinic in Ann arbor, MI. Once again they sent us home and told us he caught a virus and acted as if I was over reacting. Gave my son ANOTHER fever reducer and sent us on our way.

I knew something was terribly wrong because his cough and fever were only getting worse. I decided that the only way I will feel comfortable with a diagnosis is if I took him to a hospital the specializes in children pediatrics. University of Michigan hospital is known for their pediatrics unit so I felt this was our best option. Long story short, they also tried to send us home with a script for Tylenol and a bill. I was fed up at this point and in tears, demanded they do more. A nurse says she can see if the doctor can order a chest x-ray just to be on the safe side. The x-ray comes back and his whole right lung looked like cotton candy. 3 hospital visits later, 2 wrong theories, weeks of not sleeping and we now have a positive diagnosis, Pneumonia.

My Sons Health After Pneumonia

After my sons stint with pneumonia, it still wasn’t enough for me to quit vaccinating but it did make me question the efficacy. My sons health unfortunately kept declining due to the choice I made for him. He battled with:

  • Eczema
  • Multiple skin allergies
  • Asthma and needed daily nebulizer doses of albuterol
  • Mucous drainage constantly
  • Chronic ear infection enough for them to recommend tubes
  • Chronically sick

Enough was enough. When you see your child’s health go from perfectly healthy to needing drugs to get through their day to day, you begin to question what your doing wrong. My common denominator was vaccines.

Why I Chose To Stop Vaccinating My Child

I didn’t just up and decide one day that I wasn’t vaccinating anymore, it was the process of elimination to see what would help my son get healthier. I cut out some foods and changed up what products we used on our bodies and around the house. Taking out undesirable chemicals and foods within the house was only putting a band-aid on his already shot immune system. Last on my list was discontinuing vaccines or just delaying to see if it would change anything. I can’t explain to you the positive results my son experienced.

Hayden at 4 years old. Vaccine Free!

Within a year of discontinuing vaccines my son no longer had asthma and the need for a nebulizer. Zero welts on his body from different skin allergies. No more ear infections and late night trips to the emergency room. No more worrying if every time his body got a little hot I would miss a week of work. My heart was so happy because it felt like we were finally out of the woods with his spiraling health.

I went from only wanting to delay vaccines to saying absolutely no vaccines. Halting vaccinations had such a positive impact on my sons health that I started researching what’s actually in them. My mind was blown but not in a good way. I felt shame, disgust and disbelief that I had never picked up a book or even a vaccine insert to see what was in these things. I was shocked when I started reading about vaccine injury, VAERS and debilitating disorders caused by vaccines. At this point I felt regret but also extremely thankful that my son was able to heal and didn’t suffer from a long-term disability as some parents have unfortunately experienced.

I’m not going to go into ingredients in vaccines and the full extent of vaccine injury but I wanted to share my unbiased story. Contrary to the media’s belief that “anti-vaxxers” don’t do their research and are “uninformed” some of us have done the best research of all. Seeing first hand the harmful effect vaccines had on our children and seeing a positive outcome after discontinuing them.

Most parents who are against vaccines or the vaccine schedule were once pro vaccination. How do you think we got this way?

Here’s some links to unbiased vaccine info:

Government sites: 

VAERS– If you’ve experienced or think you’ve experienced vaccine injury.

HRSA– Vaccine compensation program.

VaccineInserts: Vaccine insert information.

Laws surrounding vaccines in your state:

NVIC– National Vaccine Information Center

How to get a vaccine exemption in your state:

Vaccine exemptions walkthrough by state

To learn more about vaccine safety and efficacy I recommend that you watch the Truth About Vaccines Documentary series. If only I would have seen this sooner I don’t believe I would have made the wrong choice for my son. You can sign up to watch the documentary series by clicking here.