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Being healthy is often put into a box, the box of ‘diet’ and what you are consuming. If what you ate and drink was the only factor in determining your health it would be pretty easy to get healthy. Most people would be thin and slowly improve their health and have the bodies of their dreams, if diet was the only and main factor.

But health is much more than diet, it’s much more than what we eat on a daily basis. Health is what we take in through our mind, body and spirit. If you are unfulfilled, unhappy, in a bad relationship, stressed out, carrying emotional trauma from a past experience, even if it was when you were a kid, it could be affecting your health today.

Health is a holistic process. Health involves layers of your being, and of your life. If you are unwilling to address anything beyond diet you will only achieve a certain level of health, happiness and fulfillment.

I talk about this and more in this video:

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– David Benjamin