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Many people are now very aware of the negative health effects of regular tap water for drinking purposes. Tap water is known to contain the following things:

* Fluoride
* Chlorine
* Traces of drugs (pharmaceutical etc)
* Chemicals
* Metals
* Preservatives, Additives
* Pesticides, Herbacides, Fungicides

Drinking pure water is great for your health, for detoxification, for purifying the blood, cleansing internal organs and hydrating your cells so that they can work better and move within the body better. Being dehydrated is one of the most common mishaps that occurs, it’s easy to go about your day and forget to drink water isn’t it?

Did you know that dehydration is the number one cause of headaches? If you ever get headaches or migraines then just drink more water and drink less of everything else (that you may drink) in place of water currently.

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Water is one of the easiest, cheapest, safest and most guaranteed ways to improve your health starting today for a very low cost. I recommend drinking spring or purified, ionized, alkaline or filtered water. The better the purification system to remove the more of the contaminants on the list above the better it is for your health.

Many people wonder though, does filtered water, or purified water in some way help with your health as well? is it healthier to shower and bathe in purer water? Most people see the skin as a cement like dead organ that just reflects things and doesn’t soak up what’s around it, in it’s environment.

Your body takes in and puts out more than you would think! The skin is a permeable layer surrounding and protecting inner organs but the skin is the largest organ in (and on) the body. When you drink water it helps to cleanse and purify the skin. If you shower in pure water, or take a bathe in pure water you are putting that water directly into your bloodstream.

When you take a hot shower (specifically) the hot water opens up the pores of the skin and causes blood vessels to expand, you are basically feeding your body water when you take a shower and whatever purity or quality that water is in the shower is what your body directly receives.

So what’s the lesson? Drink purified, alkaline, ionized or spring water! And don’t be afraid to shower or bathe in it too.

The other benefit to bathing in purer water is that when you take a hot shower you really pour that water into your circulation and body, you also breathe in the fumes from the hot shower steam. If you are breathing in tap water steam you are breathing in a huge list of contaminants that go right into your head. Ever had a slight headache after a really hot shower? I know I have before… This could very well be the reason why.

This is just another tip to improve the quality of the water you bathe and shower in to improve the health of your skin, body and life! Use it! Please share this article with friends and family on facebook!

Have a great day!

David Benjamin

P.S. I recommend the Omica Shower Filter to remove fluoride, chlorine, toxins, contaminants and heavy metals that could be harming your health from the water. This removes the most and balances the pH of the water and is the best price for what it does on the market from what i’ve found so far.