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Troy Casey’s message is simple: Healthy Me = a Healthy Planet. After growing up on the streets and incarcerated as a youth, having drug and alcohol problems as an adult, Troy found solace in the holistic lifestyle and healed himself. Motivated as a Versace model in Milan, Italy 22 years ago,

Troy began studying internal purification and nutrition as a holistic way of looking and feeling great in front of the camera. Continuously practicing what he discovered, extensively traveling the world, Troy now coaches, lectures and inspires people all over the planet with choices for a vital life. He is a CHEK trained, Holistic Health professional and his specialty is Wild Amazonian plant medicine. Most recently he has worked on Discovery’s Planet Green Network and his levity provoking alter ego, the Certified Health Nut, can be seen on You can learn more about Troy Casey and his work at

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The cool thing about Troy Casey and myself is that we both use herbs from the amazon herb product line. We are both huge believers in the therapeutic and healing value of the herbs. Troy’s favorite herbs are Sumacazon, which is a blend of Suma, Maca, Muira Puma and contains 19 amino acids. He likes this herbal blend for building muscle, and staying in great shape. He also likes camu camu because of the 200 phytochemicals it contains for your health, mind and body. You can learn more about these herbs and why we both use them by downloading your free copy of “Your Supplements Suck” at the top right-hand portion of this blog, or clicking ‘Organic Rainforest Herbs’ above.

You can order them and the other herbal blends at

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– David Benjamin

P.S. One of my favorite videos that Troy Casey has online is on the “Powerful Primates” youtube channel, it’s an awesome video called “Epic Appeal To Awaken Consciousness” and you can watch it here: