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Anca together with her husband Gabriel started their business unintentionally after Anca returned from a three-week stay at Hippocrates Health Institute in January 2011. “I went there to help heal myself of cancer and came back feeling like a new woman!,” says Anca. “Everyone noticed a huge difference in me and I felt I just had to educate the public about this lifestyle.”


To support her health at home, her husband Gabriel began growing wheatgrass and sprouts for her to juice since they were unable to find reliable sources locally. He also adopted some of Anca’s new eating habits and after only three weeks of drinking wheatgrass juice, he no longer needed medication for his diabetes. “This spawned my passion for these foods so I quit my full-time job as an engineer in the automotive industry to run the greenhouse and manage my own business,” states Gabriel.

Anca teaches one-hour introductory juicing classes throughout the metro Detroit area including at their greenhouse. During her presentation, she shares her personal story of her cancer, explains the powerful benefits of wheatgrass, sprouts and green juices, talks about the various juicers and demonstrates how to juice for maximum nutrition. Visit the Wheatgrass and Sprouts web site at for her full schedule and locations.

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– David Benjamin