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It All Started With One Book And A Few Life-Shifting Events…

My name is David Benjamin, I’m a health, fitness, mindfulness and green living advocate and believe that a greener planet and a more sustainable happier and healthier future starts with what you eat, how you feel and how you think! I believe that we have the power to change our health and our planet as a whole by making conscious choices each day. My vision for my life is to be as healthy, happy and self-sufficiently sustainable as possible, and that is why I created this community! To create a place where like-minded people can connect and choose to embrace the Healthy Wild And Free lifestyle.

What is the Healthy Wild And Free lifestyle? The Healthy Wild And Free lifestyle is living towards a greener, healthier and more sustainable future by eating organic, eating local, and choosing to invest into your time and money into initiatives that support self-sufficiency in an eco-friendly way.  My vision is to live 100% off the land (food and energy) and i’m working towards that every day. That way I can spend my money on traveling, enjoying life and reaching more people with the Healthy Wild and Free lifestyle instead of spending my money on rent, utility, gas and grocery bills…

I believe that investing time and money into your health and sustainability are two of the best investments that you can make for your happiness, health and wellbeing, which is what living Healthy, Wild And Free is all about!

So how did I get interested in holistic health in the first place? what sparked this journey to research and learn about nutrition, superfoods, herbs, essential oils, energy healing, emotional health, diet, fitness and everything else that comes with that rabbit hole?

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.46.27 AM

My Mother Looking At My Grandfathers Grave in St. Ignace Michigan (Overlooking the Mackinac Bridge)

My mom had stage 4 colon cancer when I was 11 years old and my family didn’t know if she would make it or not. She didn’t know if she would either and was beyond hope to the point that she had her casket picked out. At 11 years old all I cared about was playing basketball and being cool and the news of my mother getting cancer was tough. She healed herself through herbs, and a nutritionally reach diet and working through some emotional pain that she had been holding onto that affected her health. It’s a blessing to have her as a mother, she’s incredible and working in the holistic health field today. A year I saw my grandfather (her dad) die of cancer within less than a month after receiving the news. I saw my grandfather go from ‘healthy’ (or so we thought) to not being able to walk around his house without taking 5 minutes, and it was a small home. He retired, and received news that he had cancer and within 3 weeks he was dead. He was 60 years old and never traveled out of the state of Michigan yet he worked on the railroad his whole life. He was a very important person in my life, he was the only grandfather I knew, the other had died before I was born so knowing him and spending time with him mean’t a lot. He brought my brother and I fishing and said when we were older he’d take us hunting, that didn’t happen though.  He was the outdoorsman type of grandpa, lived in the country on the river, fishing, hunting, going on the boat and going camping in St. Ignace Michigan and visiting Mackinaw Michigan was a lot of fun. At 12 years old I saw him go from normal to barely being able to get off the couch and his skin turning yellow from the liver cancer. I still remember vividly when my parents sat my brother and I down and told us that our grandpa died, it happend so fast and I remember crying over the loss of my one and only grandfather I had ever known (the other dying of cancer as well when my dad was just 16) Seeing my grandfather and my mom have these health struggles within a year period and seeing my grandfather die so quickly and unexpectedly was tough and left a big impression on me, that health is more important than anything else.

As i’m writing this, my grandmother (my dad’s mom) has had cancer for a few years and got chemotherapy and other allopathic treatments and will pass soon. It’s become normal to die of cancer, to get chemotherapy, to accept pharmaceutical drugs as ‘medicine’ when really it’s nothing but a temporary fix that doesn’t do a single thing for the cause(s) of the problem to create a sustainable fix.

This led me to view, work, health and living life in a different way.  It reminds me of Dalai Lama’s words of wisdom on health and money…


If you are sick, weak and dying then what’s the most important thing in your reality at that point? life, health, wellness, this is a given! That is why I believe that at a young age I subconsciously store that memory of my grandfather and these two events to remember to “come back to health and wellness” at a later time.  It left a big impact on me as a young kid especially since I had an entrepreneurial mind and wanted to make a bunch of money and travel, but I realized that if there isn’t a harmony within your life of your being (mind, body, spirit) with your life and your work then you could work your way right into your own grave, digging deeper and deeper, and this is the typical (mostly) american approach to things.


It all started with one book, I read [easyazon_link cloaking=”default” keywords=”Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”healthywildandfree-20″]Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About[/easyazon_link] By Kevin Trudeau and it changed my life dramatically. I read this book when I was about 16 years old, my mom gave my brother and I the audiobook and we listened intently and discovered that the health and medical field were full of horse shit, all sorts of smelly horse shit. One of the things that really frustrated me at this age was that these pharmaceutical companies were getting away with destructive patterns negatively impacting millions of people. It hit home for me even more because my brother was born with a birth defect because of a pharmaceutical drug known as accutane, an acne drug that my mom took while she was a teenager.

After finishing listening to Kevin’s audiobook I vowed that I would dedicate my life work to stopping the pharmaceutical industry, to rerouting and rewiring people to something that would actually help them.

This led me to create a youtube channel called ‘Acne Erasing Secrets‘ in 2010, and for more than a few years I taught what I had learned about how to clear acne naturally through diet, nutrition and detoxification. This was a fun way to teach and learn a lot myself as I helped thousands of people clear acne holistically as well as having 2.3 million views on these videos reaching even more without meds or any harmful toxic chemical based “skincare” products.

This was a passionate topic for me and a redemption period for me because I had suffered from acne as a teenager and healed it through herbal detoxification protocols and had seen the lifelong effects of what one drug can do to someone in my immediate family.

As I taught passionately natural health and natural skincare principles for clear and healthy skin I became tired of talking about the same thing, I was learning and passionately discovering and researching health, nutrition, skincare, fitness, spirituality, emotions, epigenetics, environmental toxins, gmo’s, and so much more and wanted to talk about this information beyond the skincare and acne context, and that is why I created in 2012 while living in Costa Rica for the first time, and since then I have been interviewing many health, wellness and sustainability experts on the podcast, creating youtube videos teaching and sharing principles and blogging here on this site!


In La Fortuna, Costa Rica!

Costa Rica really shaped my lifestyle living philosophy (let’s call it that, yep) and changed the way I viewed things. The culture in Costa Rica is incredible and I learned so much from living there. They say “Pura Vida” (meaning pure life) and they really live by that philosophy, and those two words… pura vida mean so much more than pure life, it means everything is good, all good, beauty, peace, happiness, harmony… it’s used in so many ways and I really embraced the Pura Vida lifestyle living there, and it’s a big part of my idea to live as Healthy, Wild And Free as possible! The biodiversity, rainforest, waterfalls, ocean and nature is incredibly beautiful there! not to mention the fruit and food is incredibly nutritious and delicious! I highly recommend visiting if you have the chance, and in the future I may have Healthy Wild And Free trips to Costa Rica if there is enough people who want to visit! so stay tuned by subscribing to the email newsletter.

We really do have a beautiful planet, the world is full of natural beauty and wonder! all it takes is a trip to a Costa Rica, Alaska, Iceland or the amazon rainforest, or that beautiful waterfall… or the beach… or anywhere that nature is present! The wildlife, our food and water that we have around us is being threatened and diminished every single day because of the chemicals, pesticides, plastic and other BS that we use on our planet. We’re trashing our oceans and tearing down the rainforest at an alarming rate. The amazon rainforest plants are responsible for about HALF of all pharmaceutical drugs. Pharma scientiests research amazonian plants and create a synthetic version for pharmaceutical drugs that they can patent and profit from. It is my hope and vision that the healthy wild and free community can help to keep the oceans clean and slow the deterioration of the amazon rainforest as these are two of the most important resources on our planet currently that are being attacked.

We have so much infinite potential as the human species and I plan to unleash every ounce I can, documenting it here as I progress and evolve in my mind, body & spirit journey…

I believe there is a cure for every disease, every symptom and every health challenge that any human will ever face and there will always be.  I’m very passionate creating a community of extremely awake, open and conscious individuals who are ready to not just talk, but to create tangible change right now, starting today.  To change the way we eat, to change the way we live, to change the way we treat each other, to change the way we spend (invest) our money into the economy. We are the one’s, We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for (as Nahko say’s) Every day that we do the same thing, whether it’s eating, working or living we are recreating the world as it is, and as it is could use a lot of improvement!

If you are like me, and want to commit to living a Healthy, Wild And Free lifestyle then join me, join the community, the tribe of thousands is growing daily. You’ll be plugged into a community of like-minded people and make friends for life. We are doing the best we can with what we have every single day, and we want NUMBERS. We want to create more change, become more aware, evolve consciousness.

If you believe in the organically grown mission to eat more green, live more green then join the mind, body, spirit evolution with us and become a tribe member! You can do so by liking the Healthy Wild And Free facebook page, subscribing to the Healthy Wild And Free youtube channel, Subscribing to the podcast and subscribing to the email newsletter above on this page.

I hope you enjoy the articles, videos, interviews, education, awareness and inspiration that is being created for you! Please share this with your friends and spread the word. This is the best way you can support the Healthy Wild And Free movement!

David Benjamin

My Favorite…

Movies: Avatar, ApacalyptoUnconditionalIt’s A Wonderful Life, The Shift, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Blow, Haven, Seven Pounds, Pursuit Of Happyness, Michael Clayton, Yes Man, The Matrix, Too Big To Fail,

Documentaries: Searching For Sugar Man, Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, Supersize Me, Simply Raw, Hungry For Change, Food Matters, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, Unacceptable Levels, Sacred Science, Origins, Tiny, Happy, I AM, Dhamma Brothers, Thrive, Zeitgeist, Blue Gold, What The Bleep Do We Know?, Vanishing Of The Bees, The Secret,

Books: The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Alchemist, The Prophet, The Leader Without A Title, The Power Of Now, Tipping Point, Blink,  The 4 Agreements, A Return To Love, A Course in Miracles, Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About, The Secret Life Of PlantsThe Hidden Messages in Water, Earthing,

Favorite Musicians: Nahko & Medicine For The People, Xavier Rudd, Matisyahu, Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Smith, Santana, Snoop Lion, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Stephen Marley, Soja, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, Nas, Erykah Badu, Akon, The Beatles, “Rodriguez” Sugar Man,

Hobbies: Traveling, Nature! The ocean, jungles, rainforests, sand dunes, snowboarding, futbol! (soccer), creating epic food experiences, music, documentary films, social media shenanigans, fitness, meditation, yoga, reading, walking, being, living… HEALTHY, WILD & FREE! 🙂

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