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Mark Cuban, one of the stars on the hit show ‘Shark Tank’ once said:

I got to thinking about this today and had some of my own thoughts that you may (or may not) resonate with. I’m a fan of the show Shark Tank, and love hearing new entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and it’s awesome to see that the frequency of food products being pitched on this show continue to say that they are non-gmo. I think it’s so cool that companies are becoming more health conscious, and the products and services to better serve the world on the show are inspiring and creative, it’s fun to watch. I’m not 100% on the same page as the sharks though, not at all.

I’m an entrepreneur, but I don’t think that working out of fear to accumulate more for myself does the world much good, if any at all. In fact, you could argue that consuming much more than you need and hoarding money (a currency of value) is the problem with our world.

Did you know that Native Americans believed that those who took more than they needed to live had a mental illness? The idea of acquiring (taking) more than you need was seen as a mental illness. Really think about that for a minute. Why do you need more than you need? what is the point? I’m not saying that savings is bad, but continuously going down that road could damage your mind and spirit, no? Maybe it could corrupt you beyond what you thought you were capable of.

I’m grateful that Mark Cuban said this because it got me thinking.  Why do I work? Really. Some say “I work to live, not the other way around.” I definitely don’t live to work, I want to enjoy life and share my gifts and value with the world through my work.

This is something worth practicing. Why do you work? Ask yourself that. If you work to live, or work to live, why? Do you work for money? or change? or because you feel obligated to as a human being. Do some digging and find out why. I used to work for money but once I accepted and believed that I would always be provided for my idea and vision of work changed completely and I have had more growth and financial success by working to make a difference than working for money.

I work not like someone is taking it away, but like someone is working to…

* Completely demolish the amazon rainforest EVERY SINGLE DAY.

(one of the most important natural “resources” on our planet that could literally provide a cure for every single illness and ailment known to man.)

* People are trying to end all natural cures (discredit) and have society living sick and unhealthy.

(by shoving vaccines and meds down people’s throats, I WILL change this in any way I can)

* Exploitation of the poor.

Using them as cattle to exploit their valuable resources while making them work to the bone just to barely provide for their family. (What’s the point? Really?)

* Corrupt the youth with a false identity before they even discover their true infinite consciousness.

The youth are being fed lies and superficial crap more than ever before. A good chunk of youth care about pop culture more than they care about being a positive person making a positive lasting change in the world. Why? entertainment, culture, society, media. It works to corrupt them from a young age to crave all things superficial and false in this world.

  • The us of fossil fuels, factory farming, sex slavery, water contamination, corruption in Government… The list can go on and on and on…

My point is, there is much more to work for than yourself and if you can be selfless enough to recognize that your mission will benefit much more than yourself and that will bring you more gratification and satisfaction than a bank account with a few extra zeros. You have to find what matters to you and serve our planet (everyone) in that way.

I think at some point in your life you just have to believe and know that you are…

Done working for yourself, You’re always provided for. As for me? I’m working for the planet and every living creature that doesn’t have a voice now. That is my mission, what’s yours?

What are you working for? yourself? or something much bigger?

Image: flickr