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I love creating new recipes, mixing foods and getting my scientific wanna-be PHD mind going in the kitchen! So while doing this as of late I thought of an awesome recipe for teeth health that has a sweet minty flavor to it. ┬áThe name of this drink shall officially be called “Sweet Clove Alabama” because it’s sweet, there are cloves involved, and why not make it an awesome memorable name so we can sing about it while we drink it?

Sweet Clove Alabama is a drink that has simply 3 ingredients.

1. Water (preferably spring or purified)

2. Cloves (in their raw form)

3. Stevia Extract (Organic!)

sweet clove alabama

This drink concoction tastes minty-sweet and is great for your teeth! Cloves are rich in minerals such as Calcium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium and Zinc.  These minerals all being good for the teeth or gums (or both) in one way or another!

The stevia extract is beneficial for your teeth because it’s anti-bacterial, so instead of harming your teeth and feeding bacterias like other sweeteners do, stevia works to keep your teeth healthy and to balance the bad bacteria forming on your teeth.

When you let the water soak with the cloves and stevia extract just shake it up in a glass water bottle and let it sit for a few hours… Shake it again and drink! It will have a minty-sweet-clove taste! it’s delicious and great for your health and teeth, and if you want a sweet beverage that you know will sit on your teeth for an hour or two before you get pure water again it mine as well be this one!

Make some Sweet Clove Alabama Today! and share this with your friends!

Pura Vida!

– David Benjamin

P.S. I get my stevia extract (Different than stevia liquid, it’s more concentrated) from, It’s organic and a percentage of each amazon herb product sale from this company goes to help the amazon rainforest which I think is very important!