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When we think of whole foods we typically eat the food and throw away the peel, the seeds or the skin of the fruit or vegetable but we often don’t realize the value of these extra food parts. Some of them are edible, such as celery leaves which are often chopped off and thrown away. What most people don’t know is that you should be eating your celery leaves because the mineral content is much higher in the leaves of the celery than the stalk, (here’s an article on that).

Banana’s are the same way and after reading this article you’ll see the tremendous (most often thrown away) value in banana peels and benefit from them also.

8 Ways To Use Banana Peels (Instead Of Trashing Them)

1. Teeth Whitener:

Banana peels are rich in minerals such as potassium that are very beneficial for the teeth to keep the teeth white, healthy, strong and to remove stains. Simply take the banana peel and rub the inside (where the banana is) on your teeth all the way around. This will act as a ‘tooth polish/exfoliant’ to some degree and will help to keep your teeth healthy and whiten them.

2. Remove Warts:

You can remove warts in as little as 1-2 weeks with banana peels! You simply rub the inside of a banana peel (again) on the wart before sleep every night before sleep for 1-2 weeks and you should see it begin to shrink and disappear.

3. Skin Conditions:

Banana peels are rich in minerals that are beneficial to keep the skin healthy. If you have dry skin, acne or even bruising you can apply the banana peel topically in these areas to hydrate and heal the skin.

4. Plant Fertilizer:

Bananas are great to compost so if you don’t use them personally make it an effort to toss them into your backyard garden, even if you don’t have a backyard garden throw them in the corner of your lawn and that will give your soil plenty of minerals and nutrients to make it dense enough to grow healthy organic food on one day! It is also great specifically for fertilizing the soil for tomatoes and roses because of the unique mineral composition these plants need, bananas fit the bill!

5. Remove Splinters:

We all get splinters every once in a while and it’s the worst when it’s your kid that get’s them and you are the evil Villian that has to pull it out! Banana peels can help hydrate, moisturize and lubricate the area around the splinter to help it slide out more easily to ease the pain and process of picking away at your skin.

6. Relieve Itching:

If you have itchy skin for no apparent reason or from bug bites it is a great idea to rub the banana peel specifically on this area of the skin to relieve itching.

7. Anti-Depressant:

Feeling down and out? Bummed out? Try either boiling a banana peel and drinking that water or juicing the banana peel. Researchers have found that the banana peel is rich in serotonin which is a crucial hormone for happiness and well-being. This helps to keep your spirits lifted!

8. Aid in Weight Loss:

You can cut the ends off the banana peel and blend it in with coconut milk along with other fruits and veggies, juice the peel or boil the peel and drink that water. The greener the peel the more beneficial for weight loss because greener peels contain more prebiotics beneficial for gut health. Bananas are known for their potassium content and the peel itself can contain as much as 40% of the potassium from the entire banana. Potassium is beneficial for metabolism to aid in fat loss.

The banana peel can be used in many other ways also, these are just the ways that caught my eye specifically. They can be used for beauty, health, and in your garden!

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Image: pixabay