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Cancer effects a large chunk of the population. In your lifetime you have a 50% risk of developing Cancer as a male and a 33% chance of developing cancer if you’re a female. These are American statistics. If you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, choose to eat healthy and take care of health in all areas of your life the risk of developing cancer only increases.

Women are at risk for breast cancer more than most other cancers and diseases. About 1 in 8 US women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

Prevention is key to not being a breast cancer statistic. There are many foods, technologies, nutrients and lifestyle factors that when tilted in your favor help to increase prevention of developing Cancer. They decrease risk for not only developing breast cancer but any other form of cancer or disease for that matter.

Late last year there was a video series entitled The Truth About Cancer that I watched. The series was an hour a day for something like 2 weeks. I watched a good 15 or so hours of video footage. Interviews with doctors, scientists and cancer survivors sharing their stories, research and findings. It was highly insightful and any cutting edge cancer treatment technology or method was shared in this series.

One woman who was a breast cancer survivor shared her story. She’s still alive to this day and has some great insight to share. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers shares with you the 7 essential elements to preventing breast cancer.

Dr. Veronique’s 7 Essential Cancer Prevention Measures Are:

1. Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Eat healthy and feed your health.

2. Reduce Your Toxic Exposure: Avoid using chemicals or any toxic products (in home or on your body)

3. Balance Your Energy: She recommends chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, exercise, proper sleep.

4. Look At Emotional Wounds: Healing emotional wounds allows for emotional & spiritual healing.

5. Understand Biological Dentistry: Remove heavy metals and avoid root canals. Take care of teeth, they connect to internal organs and effect their health!

6. Repair Your Body With Therapeutic Plants: There are thousands of studies on natural plants showing their use in weakening cancer cells or at prevention. Use these to your advantage to heal and prevent.

7. Early Detection is Key: Use thermography or through specific bloodwork. These are the most effective, earliest signals and safest forms of cancer testing available.

These are great pieces of advice. Use them to your advantage and prevent breast cancer before it forms and spreads. You have the power to eat healthy, heal emotionally and physically. You have the power to manage your energy reserves, get good sleep, use therapeutic herbs, spices and plants for healing. You have the power to use early detection methods that are safe and don’t inflict more radiation on your body like mammograms. Preventing breast cancer, or any form of cancer, disease or health ailment is in your power, it’s in your hands.

I personally would add to this list and to avoid plastic as best you can especially when it comes to the kitchen. Foods, Drinks, plastic ware, cookware made from plastic, plastic containers etc.. Plastic contains a chemical known as BPA which when ingested (and it is) in the human body it mimics estrogen. This hormone has an estrogenic effect that will disrupt your hormonal balance. Avoiding all plastic ware, plastic bottles, or anything that you use for food, heating, cooking, whatever it may be that’s plastic, avoid completely!

If you live a healthy life and choose to make the best decisions you are doing that every single day. Make sure to take this advice seriously and apply it to your life. Not only are you preventing breast cancer but you get to live a healthier, more energized, more fulfilling life each and every single day with these practices because you feel better every single day.

You feel healthy, you’ll be more active and engaged in living a quality life starting the moment that you embrace making these lifestyle changes.