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Today I was at the park working out, doing chin ups, pull ups and a variety of body weight exercises and during my workout a group of five kids came over and started swinging on the bars, trying to do pull ups and saying ‘look what I can do’ to me.  I thought it was funny and encouraged them to keep trying to do pull-ups and have fun swinging on the bars. As time went on they started to get in the way of my workout routine, one of the five kids was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when I needed to get my reps in! I laughed about it though and enjoyed their company and childish sense of humor.

Somehow the conversation with the kids got into wishing for things and one of them said “I got a fortune cookie that said good things are ahead of you” and the other kid said, I think that already came true because you got an Xbox. I had a few good laughs and boosted my immune system because of it… Gotta thank the kiddo’s for that one!

As my workout progressed the kid’s started asking questions about health and ‘getting strong’ as they called it. They were 5 and 6 year old kids asking me about health and fitness, I thought it was amazing because how many 5 and 6 year olds do you know that are interested in health and fitness? They started asking questions like, what is your favorite vegetable? what is your favorite fruit? is mac and cheese healthy, are chicken nuggets healthy, are cheeseburgers healthy etc!

I gave them the best advice I could, very simple, very practical advice then I told them to search the internet to learn because there are a lot of great people on the internet teaching how to live healthier lives (I hope i’m one of those people who has helped you in your health and life) and one of them said “I might do that” as a response.  One of them even said “I’m going to go home and tell my mom to eat healthy!” I thought it was great.

Near the end of the conversation I told them to walk more because walking is healthy and helps everything work better. Two out of the five kids walked around the track after our conversation! Needless to say I was inspired and happy that I could have an impact on some young kid’s lives while working out in the park.

I realized when the kid’s left that I had given them several simple health tips that anyone could be reminded of. Sometimes we get caught up in the latest superfood, superberry, superherb, superfruit, superjuice or super______(whatever) that we forget the basic essentials of healthy living and how to nurture our body for the best health with the basic habitual routines.

If you follow these five tips, you’ll live a healthier life filled with more energy, better digestion, better shape and a sharper mind starting today.


1. Eat More Organic Vegetables – Simple right? Just eat more organic vegetables.  These provide many minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and compounds to heal, restore and repair your body.

2. Eat More Organic Fruits – Once again, pretty easy right? Fruits contain beneficial nutrients as well as are cleansing to the body so they help you purify from impurities so that your body runs and functions optimally without getting clogged up.

3. Drink More Water – Most people are dehydrated simply because they don’t drink enough water.  You should be drinking 50% of your body weight in ounces of water each day as a general minimal baseline to stay hydrated.  If you live in a warm climate or are doing strenuous exercise or routines then more is needed.  Stay hydrated!

4. Go Outside And Walk – I personally believe in walking so much that I make it an effort to walk 2+ miles a day.  Walking helps to balance your body, your mind and more.  It helps to detoxify and feed your cells the nutrition that you give it by moving in a way that supports that.  Walk more! we are creatures that were created to walk. I love walking and believe in it so much I wrote an article called ‘Walk Your Way To Wellness‘ to share how to get started walking and why to do it starting today.

5. Get To Sleep Earlier – Get to sleep at or before 10 p.m. and you will have higher quality sleep.  The most beneficial type of sleep (REM sleep) is gotten between 10 AM and 2 Am.  If you are sleeping during this time your body recovers better giving you more energy and a better ability to bounce back from a stressful day.

And there you have it, Eat more organic fruits and vegetables, drink more water, walk more and get to sleep earlier! It’s easy to implement but literally making these five changes in your life could prevent a heart attack, obesity, cancer, a stroke, heart disease or any other life threatening disease.  Walking, resting, water, and the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are great for the heart and body overall and you’d be doing your health and life a disservice by not following this advice! Get started with one and then as time goes on implement another, then another and another.

It get’s easier if you just get started and stay persistent.

Keep it simple and move forward!

To an abundance of health! ~ Pura Vida ~

– David Benjamin

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