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As we age our bodies typically have a harder time digesting food and keeping metabolism healthy. There are many causes of fat, causes of belly fat could range based on the person and their habits. Eating habits play a big role. Drinking habits (not just alcohol) play a role in the effectiveness of the digestive system as well. If you can better understand the factors that change and hinder your natural fat burning capacity as you age, you can tilt the odds in your favor.

That is why understanding the causes of belly fat and the digestive aging indicators are important. By understanding these 5 common causes of belly fat and integrating positive habits to keep your body healthy you can burn tough belly fat as you age. That’s the opposite of what most people are doing. Most people are adding fat and don’t know what to do to burn the fat and keep it off.

Dr. Navaz Habib is a chirporactor in Toronto, and according to him there are 5 common causes of poor digestion, metabolism. Causes that lead to added belly fat.

5 Commonly Unknown Causes Of Belly Fat

  1. Poor Fatty Acid Metabolism: 

    Not all metabolism’s are created equal. Your metabolism is supposed to burn fat and turn it into energy. If you’re deficient in specific key nutrients though your metabolism has a harder time. This slows down your metabolism. L-carnitine (an amino acid) and Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) are to important nutrients for metabolism function. Red meat and some forms of dairy are some of the main sources of l-carnitine. Vitamin B12 is found in animal products also. It is important to get organic, pastured, free-range meats and dairy. You can also utilize vegetarian sources of these nutrients in your diet.

  2. Bacteria Overgrowth in The Intestines:

    We live in a world full of unfriendly bacteria. No, i’m not talking about the bacteria on the floor or outside. I’m talking about the bacteria in your gut. Once bad bacteria grows in your gut it can grow out of control. Most people have a diet too rich in sugar, carbs and other things that feed the growth of this bad bacteria. A sign of bad bacteria overgrowth in your gut is IBS, gas, bloating, or irregular bowel movements. You can fight the bad bacteria by loading up on good bacteria. Probiotic supplements, probiotic foods and probiotic drinks will help to keep the bacterial homeostasis healthy. Foods rich in prebiotics (found in arthichokes, banana, onion, garlic) are beneficial in giving your gut the necessary compounds to foster healthy probiotics (good bacteria) in your gut also.
  3. Hormonal Imbalances:

    There are many causes of hormonal imbalances. These endocrine (hormonal) disruptors lead to fat gain and fat storage. Hormones are all too often overlooked as a cause of added belly fat. Hormones play an important role in fat maintenance though. Some hormones instruct your body to store fat while others instruct your body to burn fat. Hormones are simply chemical messengers that tell the body what to do. If too many hormones that store fat are activated and too little hormones that burn fat are inactive, you have a hormonal issue. This is one of the root causes not only of fat gain but excess fat storage in your belly. In order to correct the hormonal imbalance you need to find the hormonal triggers. Foods such as dairy and meat (if not organic and pure) contain hormones in them that disrupt yours. Avoid dairy and meat unless it’s organic and pure from the farm. This could be one hormonal disruptor for you. Additionally toxic chemicals such as preservatives or pesticides found in food can disrupt hormones. Even bright lighting at night (when it’s dark in nature) can disrupt your hormones. Your adrenal glands and thyroid glands play an important role in producing hormones that regulate fat loss. You can find more information on balancing hormones that influence fat here.
  4. High Sugar/Carb Diet: 

    If you have a diet that is high in sugar and carbs then it’s important to understand how this effects your body, health and fat levels. Carbohydrates break down into sugar in the body so these are grouped together for that reason. Sugar and carbs influence insulin (a hormone) that is essential to maintain healthy levels of fat. If you have a diet too rich in sugar and carbs your Pancreas produces more of the insulin hormone to turn this sugar into energy. Over time the body produces more insulin and develops what’s known as insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is occurs when the sugar levels are too high and insulin is produced at a faster rate. Resistance simply means that it cannot utilize the sugar and turn it into energy fast enough. This leads to a stressed and overworked Pancreas and imbalances of both blood sugar and insulin. If you decrease your sugar and carb intake your insulin levels will find a better homeostasis. When this happens your body develops insulin sensitivity. The better your body is at being ‘insulin sensitive’ the better and more efficiently your body can convert that sugar into energy utilizing insulin. Insulin is then used and benefited from. The lesson here is to reduce your sugar and carb intake. Reduce high fructose corn syrup intake. Reduce anything that spikes blood sugar levels whether it’s a sugar, carbohydrate or syrup sweetener.

  5. Not Enough Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods: 

    Last but not least. Spend more time eating nutrient-dense whole foods. Vegetables and fruits are always your best friend when it comes to fat loss and general health and well-being. If you’re looking to burn fat and keep it off increase the amount of whole foods in your diet. Eat organic whole foods. Eat more raw whole foods as well. There’s no need to cook your vegetables every single time. There’s a lot of nutrient value in vegetables left uncooked. Eat salads, drink vegetable smoothies or vegetable juices. The nutritional density of these will help to improve digestive function, metabolism and all organs related to processing food. Organic, raw, whole foods will improve the health of all digestive organs allowing your body to have healthier bowel movements. This will also help your body absorb nutrients better which will improve blood and lymphatic health also. This will give you more energy to exercise more, sleep better and be in a state of health and vitality to shed the excess fat naturally.Source: