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If you haven’t already heard, bees are dying at an alarming rate. The condition is being called ‘colony collapse disorder’ and it’s becoming more of a problem on our planet. Approximately 25% of the bee population has died off since 1990. In less than a quarter century a quarter of the bee population has died. If that rate and math continues out for 75 years bees will be completely gone by the year 2100. That would be very bad for the human race because bees pollinating creates the majority of our food and we need them desperately to survive.

Thankfully there are a few things that we can do to help support bees to thrive and grow in numbers. The great part about it is that not only does it help our environment but there are a few additional personal benefits that you get by caring for the environment and bees while other people ignore this issue.

3 Ways To Support The Bee Population

1. Go Organic: The more organic produce you buy the less pesticides are used on the soil and in the environment. Pesticides disrupt bee populations and are a large part of the reason they are dying off in the first place. Buying organic supports your local community better, your health better and it makes you feel better. You can also do more by buying organic cleaning and beauty products and anything else as eco-friendly as possible including clothing and fabrics.

2. Buy As Local As Possible: Your local farmers market is a great place to start and consistently support financially. This keeps money supporting sustainable agriculture and pulls it away from monoculture farming which is currently using large amounts of pesticides, insecticides and sprays that endanger the bees.

3. Host A Hive!: This may sound dangerous or scary to bring bees right into your backyard but there are a few benefits from it. First, you get free honey which is rich in enzymes and acids that improve digestion and liver health as well as sleep! You also get to see in person these little guys buzz in and out. There are obviously safe practices to follow if you’re planning to be a beekeeper but there are plenty of beekeeping books on amazon to get you started. You can also find beehives on amazon to get you started as well.

It’s not rocket science, all we need to do as a society is “Step away from the chemicals” and focus more on organic, local, sustainable living. Pesticides are what is harming the bees lives and we need to stop supporting anything grown with or immersed in pesticides, even the plants you grow on your property or in your home. Share this information with your health and environmentally conscious friends and hopefully together we can make a positive change.

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Image: Pixabay