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Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America, and we can prevent it with the right nutrition and the application of that nutritional guidance. Now more than ever before we have more science showing us how to prevent cancer utilizing nutrition and diet. I believe that this body of evidence will continue to grow and in the future we’ll have a very strong case and specific protocol for cancer prevention. Possibly even engaging in nutritional treatment from allopathic medicine practicioners.

When it comes to immunity and the prevention or fighting of cancer cells we need to take a closer look at T-cells.

T-cells are defined as a lymphocyte (white blood cell) of a type produced or processed by the thymus gland and actively participating in the immune response. These cells are especially active in the lymphatic system which spans the entire body.

Having your t-cells active and engaged, working properly helps to reduce the risk of infection and disease. The healthier your t-cells are the healthier and faster your immune system can respond to any incoming threats.

Thankfully there are nutritionally backed, scientifically researched ways to enhance your T-cells and improve immune response and effectiveness. Keep in mind that the nutrients and herb below not only activate T-cells for preventing and fighting cancer cells but also to strengthen immunity against the cold, flu, infection or other diseases.

3 Ways To Activate Cancer Fighting T-Cells

  1. Vitamin C & D!: When you think of vitamin C and D think (Cancer – Death) and you’ll always remember. Vitamin C and D are both tremendously valuable vitamins for the expression of the immunity and for allowing t-cells to be healthy. Vitamin C was proven to promote the maturation of t-cells in a study. Not only does vitamin C enhance t-cells but it plays a role in producing antibodies. It also plays a role in producing cells that kill invaders, and cells that coordinate those attacks. It is important for cellular immune health. The best sources of vitamin c are from all the peppers, limes, lemons, camu camu berry and goji berries!

    Vitamin D is important as well. The journal Nature published a study sharing that t-cells don’t work well unless your vitamin D receptor sites are activated. T-cells won’t activate and be used without enough vitamin D. The study also shared that you can increase your T-cell responsiveness by 750 percent by getting enough vitamin D in your body. Being in direct sunshine without sunblock is best because your body makes vitamin D from the sun exposure. If you live in the north and the winter influences how much sun you get each day, it’s best to get at least 3,000-5,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. Some people take as much as 10,000 IU if they know they’re deficient and don’t have the opportunity to get much sunlight in the climate they’re in. Dr. Mercola has an exceptional liquid vitamin D3 supplement that tastes great found here.
  2. Get Selenium in Your Diet: Selenium is an essential trace-mineral that is all too often overlooked. Studies have found that selenium increases the effectiveness of cancer fighting T-cells, and makes them more powerful in doing so.You don’t need too much selenium on a daily basis but it may be difficult to get in food form, especially if you’re a vegeterian or vegan. It’s not found in as many foods as more common nutrients. Based on the research it seems that up to 200 mcg a day can be taken. We don’t recommend going above 200 mcg daily though, as this is too much for your body. You can get it in food form such as from a few Brazil nuts each day. Other sources include eggs, fish, and mushrooms. Dr. Mercola has a multivitamin which contains selenium found here.
  3. Una De Gato (Cat’s Claw Herb): Personally this is one of my favorite all time herbs on the planet. I’m a big proponent of Amazonian herbs and Amazonian medicine. Una De Gato (Cat’s claw in english, or Uncaria Tomentosa in Latin) is an herb that comes from the Amazon Rainforest. It is known to benefit immune health as well as cardiovascular health. I’ve taken this herb quite a bit in my life and I can speak from firsthand experience that as far as immunity is concerned this is a true powerhouse herb. The health benefits are so powerful that it’s finally being studied to see what it can do against cancer. So far the discoveries are finding that cat’s claw turns on T-cells and uses them against multiple diseases. Cat’s claw (Una De Gato) seems to stop cancer from spreading from what we can tell. Una De Gato is also an incredibly effective immunomodulator. This simply means that Cat’s Claw helps to regulate the immune system.

    This “regulation” is a normalization process, so that an immunomodulator helps to optimize immune response. You can get a liquid herbal form of this supplement from Herb Pharm here. There you have it. Get more vitamin C and Vitamin D in your diet, or supplement routine. Make sure you get food or supplement form of selenium daily. Utilize the powerful immune modulating and T-cell enhancing effects of the Una De Gato (cat’s claw) herb from the amazon rainforest.Image: