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In today’s video I discuss 3 simple and all natural ways that you can burn fat while you’re sleeping. These methods are all natural and support the health of your metabolism and digestive system in the process. They are not gimicky and will improve your health and wellbeing as well.

Watch this video to learn about these 3 tips below:

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Here are the 3 Ways To Burn Fat While You Sleep…

1. Drink Green Tea throughout the day (this stimulates your metabolism & burns calories)
sip 3 or 4 times throughout the day, avoid before bedtime and at night because of the caffeine.

2. Eat & Drink Spices! Ginger, Black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, Cayenne. These boost metabolism and help nutrients become more bioavailable to the body, improving digestive health overall (which burns belly fat)

3. Honey Cinnamon Drink (or just mixed and eaten)

Honey has acids & enzymes that act as liver fuel to allow your liver to metabolize fats
more efficiently. The glycogen in raw unpasteurized honey helps to reduces stress and fat storing hormones as a by-product and increase recovery as well as fat burning hormones, as well as optimize metabolism.

Cinnamon also does a great job balancing blood sugar levels so paired with honey is great to optimize hormones and blood sugar balance (ultimately hormonal balance) which play a big role in burning fat.

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