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It is a common misconception that most Americans and other first-world countries don’t have a problem with parasites. But that would be a misconception and completely false. If you start searching the web for statistics you’ll find that about 85% (across the board on average) of Americans have some sort of parasitic infection. A parasitic infection could be a parasite (worm) or another related parasitic infection that leeches your vitality and life-force energy.

A parasite is defined as any organism that lives off it’s host. In this case it’s a parasite (there are many different parasitic worms that can live inside you) that feeds off your nutrition, in other words when you eat food that nutrition will feed you partially and also partially feed the parasites living in your intestines. This means that you could have multiple nutritional deficiencies over time (and these deficiencies getting worse) if these parasites live and duplicate in your body, which is quite common.

Unfortunately we can get parasites from so many places. Meat that has not been cooked well enough, raw fruits and vegetables even. We can even get parasites in our drinking water (which is why I recommend the best water purification system you can afford) as well as just by walking barefoot outside. You can get parasites even though you have healthy lifestyle practices such as eating whole foods and walking barefoot to ground yourself. You can also get parasitic worms from your pets (cats & dogs) too.

It’s a part of life and a risk of being alive! Parasites are one of the worst hosts in your body. They feed of sugar and consume your nutrition, blood and actually produce waste (poop, basically) inside you, their waste is part of your fecal matter believe it or not. In fact, depending on how many parasitic organisms and how much they have replicated in your body you are actually pooping a good chunk of their waste along with yours. They’re taking your nutrition and clogging up your intestines
and body with more waste.

Top 3 Signs Of Parasites:

1. Itching Skin: If your skin itches and it feels like it’s an internal itch (coming from the inside) this could mean that you have parasites, especially in that area of the body if the itching continues in that area. The area near your groin and stomach are the most common places to have skin that itches internally because this is where most parasites consume nutrition and lay eggs. Skin irritations, rashes or nodules are often an effect of parasites as well.

2. Digestive Disorders: This could mean a variety of digestive disorders. IBS, Diarrhea, gas, bloating or just irregular digestion in general could be a sign. Remember that parasites feed off the nutrition in your gut so there will be a lot of movement and ‘confusion’ in your gut if you have parasites.

3. Irregular Sleep Patterns: If you’re sleep patterns are off this may be a cause of parasites or a parasitic infection. Parasites are awake at night when you’re asleep and they disrupt important sleep hormones. Your stomach may become more active with gas or bloating right around the time you go to sleep.

Other potential signs of parasites are weakness, fatigue, as well as memory fog. The list can go on and on really because parasites can travel to any area of your body. If you have had health challenges for years and do not know what is wrong I believe that parasite worms or parasitic related infections such as fungus could very well be the issue.

What Can You Do?

Avoid sugar and white bread. Parasites feed first and foremost of quick energy which comes in the form of sugar and carbohydrates that break down into sugar. These feed parasites, sustain their growth and allow them to reproduce in your body. Avoiding sugar from all sources including fruit is a good way to starve them. I recommend a diet rich in vegetables, beans and quinoa. Eat plenty of probiotics such as saurkraut, kimchi and kombucha. These help to create a healthy intestinal environment for you.

Eat more pumpkin seeds, cloves, papaya and papaya seeds (specifically) as well as hot foods such as ginger, cayenne, garlic and onion. These all have anti-parasitic properties in one way or another whether the parasite is an actual worm or a fungus.

Do a colon cleanse, hydrotherapy or an enema. Colon cleansing (both your large and small intestine) is beneficial to flush the worms out. This is very important to help flush the worms out but you need to still make sure to follow the above diet advice because you need to keep your body in a state where the eggs and other worms not in your Colon cannot thrive and begin to die off. I highly recommend getting Fiberzon from and using this supplement daily during your routine. It’s the best fiber & amazon herb supplement on the market for Colon health that I know of and there are other herbs in this blend that are anti-parasitic and anti-fungal.

Drink more water. Your colon can become dry and dehydrated and when this happens it’s more difficult to flush parasites out. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of cucumbers which are hydrating for your Colon. You can also get diatamaceous earth (a clay) and take a spoonful of this each day mixed in water and swallowed. This clay is very fine and contains sharp particles that actually cut parasites which weakens them and helps flush them out of your body.

Learn more about parasites and how they work in this video from Paul Chek

Parasites and parasitic infections drain your energy, weaken your nervous system, your digestive system and can enter any area of the body including the brain believe it or not. They can affect how you think, feel, weight gain and more. The more you feed parasites with sugar and carbohydrates the worse you will feel. The more you focus on eating probiotics, cleansing your colon, staying hydrated and eating hot foods to get them out of your body the better you will feel.

Being free of parasites can take a lot of work, they can lay eggs and really drain your energy and make you feel like crap. A lot of health conditions can be mistakenly something else when really it’s a parasite. Often times if someone has a health issue or a series of health issues that the doctor cannot find out what it is then it can most likely be parasites or a parasitic related infection.

I hope this article was valuable and gives you some insight into remove parasites from your body.

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