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We’re talking about b-vitamins! As you may already know, b-vitamins are an important vitamin for energy production in the body. They benefit the nervous system, muscles, and are responsible for helping to convert food into energy, just like other b-vitamins. It also helps support adrenal function, important and it helps to keep metabolic systems healthy.

Today we’re talking about vitamin b-2, otherwise known as riboflavin. We’re discussing the symptoms and signs of vitamin b2 deficiency so that you can add foods to your diet to create a sufficiency of vitamin b2.

Watch the video here to learn if you have any symptoms or signs of vitamin b2 deficiency:

As you heard, some of the top signs of vitamin b2 (riboflavin) deficiency are:

1. Bloodshot & watery eyes (tired eyes)
2. Weakness
3. Swelling/sore throat
4. Cracked skin/chapped lips (cracked corners of mouth)

And some of the most riboflavin rich foods on the planet are:

1. Cheese
2. Almonds
3. Fish
4. Beef/lamb
5. Eggs
6. Pork
7. Mushrooms
8. Sesame seeds
9. Seafood
10. Spinach

As with any meat or dairy in your diet, or produce for that matter, I recommend that you get organic, free range and pastured meat and dairy. This will ensure that it’s GMO free and the most nutrient dense form of animal protein that you can give your body.

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