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The media often bombards mass consciousness with what they are paid to share. Monsanto has a market cap of over 55 billion dollars. They play dirty with their money too. Allegedly they have hired a swarming team of mothers to attack anti-gmo blogs and in social media as well as to promote gmo foods online. Not only that but they’ve been guilty of suing farmers for seed patent infringement when the farmer did absolutely nothing. The wind blew a seed or two on their land and Monsanto sues.

A dirty company that plays dirty usually has a dirty history, and monsanto is no exception. Did you know that Monsanto developed agent orange? the chemical warfare weapon used in Vietnam that completely destroyed a 3-layer canopy forest in less than a few months, do you know how toxic something like that is? Not only that, but the human toll from agent orange has caused cancer, diseases, tumors, excessive toxicity. Some people have lived with pain and suffering for decades after serving in Vietnam. Some people finally get relief after expelling and detoxifying but the long-lasting affects will probably always leave an imprint on those who were victims to Monsanto’s cruel intentions.

That’s just Monsanto, the large multi-billion Genetically modified seed company. Merck, one of the largest vaccine companies with a Market Cap of 162 billion is also on the list of dangerous companies that put profit before human care. Together these two companies alone have a market cap of over 200 billion dollars and there are other vaccine, pharmaceutical and gmo seed companies that add even more capital to these markets.

What can give us hope is that even though although politicians aren’t serving us anymore by favoring corporate interests we can always count on those few yet awesome celebrities who speak the truth and help create awareness about problems at large.

Here are some of those celebrities, that either support gmo labeling and/or banning or avoid vaccines or at least support better vaccine education and understanding. These are the celebrities we can embrace and say… “yep, they’re on OUR side! the side of the people.”

15 Celebrities That Spoke Out Against GMO’s Or Vaccines

  1. Paul McCartney: The Beatles got it right!

  2. Dave Mathews: More Music!

  3. Ziggy Marley: Bob Marley’s son, an incredible musician speaks out on GMO’s. Hit me with that organic music!

  4. Danny Devito: Spoke out against GMO food, He’s seriously funny.

  5. Jim Carrey: Speaks out against both Monsanto & vaccines! Props!

  6. Rob Shcneider: Has spoken out against vaccines and that there is a link to autism.

  7. Woody Harrelson: Spoke out against monsanto and GMO “food”

  8. Donalt Trump: Spoke about vaccines being issued to close together.

  9. Toni Braxton: The singer said that the shot may have factored into her son’s autism diagnosis.

  10. Bill Maher: Tweeted “If you get the swine flu shot you’re an idiot” LOL!

  11. Alician Silverstone: Spoke out against vaccines.

  12. Charlie Sheen: Was so upset that Denise Richards won a court battle to vaccinate their daughters that he paid the pediatrician in nickels.

  13. Robert F. Kennedy: That’s right, Bobby Kennedy’s son opposes vaccines.

  14. Jenny McCarthy: Spoke out about her son being harmed by vaccines.

  15. Jessica Alba: Part of the Honest brand say’s be aware of GMO’s and buy USDA organic, but apparently their diaper brand contain GMO ingredients.  I personally think Jessica has a great heart and is influencing positive change and it’s hard to be 100% GMO free in all of your products. I personally give her the benefit of the doubt and think that if there is any discrepancies with the honest brand that it will improve over time.

  16. Nahko: The up and coming warrior musician made a short youtube clip sharing that you need to be informed about GMO’s and calling his fans to join the fight.

  17. Neil Young: Heart of gold, he has a whole song dedicated to opposing Monsanto.

Other celebrities worth mentioning:

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are opening an Organic restaurant in LA area.

Morgan Freeman converted his 100+ acre farm into a bee sanctuary to help save the bees.

Unfortunately my celebrity crush Zoe Saldana posted on instragram “Vaccines work, support vaccines” and my heart broke. I no longer see Zoe as sexy as she once was, she’ll have to find a way back into my heart, Maybe armed with some organic non-gmo chocolate (and no needle full of god knows what)… just maybe, she’ll have a shot. 😉