Understanding Yin & Yang (Father God & Mother Earth) Energy & Balance


We live in a strange and complex yet simple world. In my life, my spiritual journey has been a process of evolution, learning and growth. I was raised in a Pentecostal christian household for the first 18 years of my life, then became an athiest, then an agnostic and now just someone who is spiritual [...]

How Prebiotics & Probiotics Influence Intestinal Health

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The intestines (small and large) play an important role in our overall health and wellbeing. The intestines help to process urine and feces and separate liquids from solids, they help to excrete waste and keep the nutrients needed to keep your body healthy and functioning well. The prebiotics and probiotics in your diet are good [...]

How To Replace Your Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Replacement Filter


If you’ve got the clearly filtered water pitcher you’ll know that the filter needs to be replaced every 200 gallons. This ensures that the filter continues to filter chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and other contaminants from the water that you don’t want to be drinking. You can learn more about the clearly filtered water pitcher [...]

Salome Torres on Raw Foods, Sensual Discovery Healing The Heart & Mind-Body


Salomé Torres is a healer born in Ecuador. She helps busy people make time and space for themselves and speciallices on healings before, during and after surgery. Her healings allow her clients to pause for a moment, let go and re-connect with mind, body and spirit; most of the time, her healings decrease physical pain [...]

is The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Really Helping Anyone?


We’ve all seen many videos now of people pouring ice buckets over their head, it’s a 20 second video and they say something about ALS and that’s it.  What is ALS? and how is pouring ice over your head helping to treat or cure this disease? I see the world a little differently than most, [...]

9 Year Old Organic Superhero Stands Up To Monsanto


Growing up as a raw vegan kid, Daniel always had a different view on food and health than his fellow classmates and friends. But being different was never really a concern to him since he knew the reasoning behind his food choices. Rather than fitting in, Daniel was always more intrigued with encouraging others make [...]

3 Reasons To Eat Romaine Lettuce More Often (Health Benefits Of Romaine Lettuce)


Romaine lettuce is rich in a large variety of minerals and nutrients including vitamin K, vitamin A, folate, molybdenum, fiber, manganese, potassium, biotin, vitamin B1, copper, Iron, vitamin b-2, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin b-6, phosphorus, chromium, magnesium, calcium, pantothenic acid. Quite a list huh? it’s packed full of minerals and is one of the [...]

4 Reasons To Eat An Apple A Day (Apple Health Benefits)


We’ve all heard the “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” expression before, and sure, it’s a beneficial fruit with a lot of value, but one apple a day is not enough to keep the doctor away.  In this video the health benefits of apples including it’s fiber, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and value and [...]

The Positive Side Of GMO’s And Monsanto That No One is Talking About


Everyone (except for monsanto) is talking about the negatives of GMO foods, GM seeds and the affect on the soil and environment and both human and animal health overall but no one is discussing how gmo foods can actually benefit us.  Can GMO foods and seeds and companies like monsanto create positive change? I think [...]